How Successful Hotel Graphics Can Generate ROI

Hotel Graphics Will Generate ROI

When customers stay at hotels, they are a captive audience for advertisers. The hotel guests are usually visiting from out of town and are not familiar with the area where they are staying. Successful hotel graphics grab the attention of hotel guests looking for somewhere to eat or a local attraction to visit. Hotel marketing that utilizes graphics can generate ROI in terms of increased revenue and the number of people visiting the business doing the advertising. Creative hotel marketing is easy to place and can be changed up to reflect your business message, when hotel signage is executed by our team of graphic installers.

Successful Hotel Marketing Translates into Revenue

There are many times when guests do not have the opportunity to leave the hotel. They are stuck in meetings all day and are counting on hotel graphics to provide information that will make their stay smoother. Here are just a few creative ways hotel marketing translates into revenue and hotel branding for your hotels:

  • Hotel Marketing Time Targeted Services – The hotel benefits from having amenities and services that appeal to their guests. Graphics used for hotel marketing can promote breakfast in the hotel restaurant, happy hour specials in the bar or shops that offer toiletries the guest forgot to pack and needs before a meeting, such as toothpaste or deodorant.
  • Brand Identity From Key Card Graphics – Hotel guests always carry their room key with them. Hotel marketing ideas for these key cards include your brand identity, hotel restaurant, local pizza delivery services, the number for a local taxi service or local business specials only available for your guests.

Hotel Graphics Fight Diminishing Returns

Getting too comfortable with established practices and conducting “business as usual” can lead to diminishing returns. This leaves an opening for your competitors to step in and try to capture the marketplace. The old business rules and the traditional amount of revenue made by your business will not apply anymore. Compelling and informative hotel graphics, placed by our team of graphic installers, help you avoid marketing apathy and decreased revenue by providing hotel guests with an innovative and creative marketing message.

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Graphic Installers For Hotels

Installed Graphics is the leading graphic installers for hotels in St. Louis. Get professional results with our experts in graphic installation. We create and install signs and vinyl graphics from small to large format. Check out our Graphic Installation Blog to get ideas and learn more.

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How Cities Are Honoring Veterans With Light Pole Banners

Light Pole Banners Honor Veterans

Our country is proud of our veterans and enjoys showing our appreciation to the members of our military. One of the latest ways that cities across the country are honoring veterans in their community is placing light pole banners all across the city. These custom pole banners and signs allow cities to honor the military while also providing a eye catching way to grab the attention of the residents of the town. Our professional banner installation team knows how important it is to create signs that show the proper respect for veterans while also honoring them for their dedication and service in protecting our country.

Honoring Veterans Along With Active Service Members

The desire to honor military veterans is a noble one. There are a few steps everyone should follow when planning a project of this type.

  • Banner Design – The military veteran light pole banners will be seen by thousands of people on a daily basis. The light pole banner design needs to be eye catching since they will have multiple viewings. Our design team will work with you to create a “sign shell” that can include items such as the name of the veteran, branch of the military, number of years served and even a photo of the person.
  • Banner Material – It is important to remember that the outdoor pole banners will be on display 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our production team will create, and install, banners that can withstand the elements while not fading or coming apart in bad weather.

Planning for the Future

One of the best parts are making a “sign shell” for your street pole banner project is the fact that the design will already be created and ready for use when additional light pole banners need to be manufactured and installed. An eye catching, and easy to execute, design will make the expansion of your light pole banners honoring veterans a manageable project once you are ready to salute more veterans in the coming months and years. These custom banners and signs will inspire civic pride while also saluting your hometown military veterans for generations to come.

Contact our team to learn more about the process of creating these inspiring custom banners and signs.

Graphic Design & Banner Installation Services

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Bus Wraps Are The New Mobile Billboards

One of the main issues with outdoor advertising is the fact that your target audience has to drive past a traditional billboard to view your message. Vehicle wrap advertising allows your branding message to be seen by an audience all across the city since a bus wrap is a mobile billboard. Bus wraps deliver your advertising to the areas where crowds are located rather than hoping your stationary billboard ad is seen by the right people. You can target commuters sitting in traffic, people leaving a concert or a baseball game or customers looking to spend money in shopping areas across the city.

What are the Benefits of Bus Wraps

Bus wraps turns heads by getting up close and personal with your target audience. Vehicle wrap advertising offers a number of benefits:

  • Branding – Vehicle wraps can contain a number of key elements to reinforce your company branding. Our expert vehicle wrap installers ensure your business name, social media platforms, phone number and address deliver your branding message.
  • Targeted Audience Reach – The ability to target where your bus wrap is seen means you can easily reach your desired audience. Our graphic design team will work with you to design your desired message.  
  • Customization Options – Bus wraps can cover the entire vehicle or different areas such as the front or back. They can be designed for different vehicles if you want to use multiple messages for different sections of your audience. Vehicle wrap advertising can also be changed out on a regular basis to reflect a new sale.

An Eye Catching Advertisement

Your bus wrap advertising message will catch the attention of consumers on the go when it appears on a wrapped vehicle. Vehicle wrap advertising has a creative impact that breaks through the clutter of traditional billboards and bus stop ads. Bus wraps are mobile billboards that go where your audience lives as well as where they work and shop. The ability to target your advertising in specific regions, most applicable for your campaign, allows you to reach the customer base you desire.

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Conference Banner Graphics Make A Powerful Statement

Conference Banners For Brand Awareness

Making a good impression at a business conference goes beyond the appearance of your employees. The way your business signage looks also makes a statement on how you want to be viewed by others. Conference banner graphics send a powerful message about your company. Professional banner installation helps increase brand awareness as well as conveys important information about your company. Build brand awareness with conference banners and get noticed!

Convention Banner Graphics Promote Your Service or Product

A convention banner graphic that includes your business name and logo will draw traffic to your booth or location. The convention banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes to make it easier to get the key points of your message across to others. A compelling message, combined with easy to read text and colors that are bold, are an effective way to deliver your message to others.

Plus, the convention banners are easy to transport so they can be moved to the stage if you are giving a speech or product presentation. Framing a stage with multiple banners reinforces your message while also giving conference attendees a visual image to go along with your spoken message.

Custom Banners Attract Attention Wherever You Go

Custom banner graphics at a conference or trade show is a polite way of telling others to “talk to me!” Our versatile banner installation methods mean your conference banner graphics can be placed on a table or floor as well as high above the crowd. Being able to easily spot your banner enables attendees to find the location of your table or room. They won’t get lost once you provide a banner to show them the way.

Pole Banners Are Visually Appealing

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so visually appealing conference banners graphics are a must have for your company. Promote your business while emphasizing key points about your product. Plus, pole banners are long lasting thanks to proper banner installation techniques. You can use the same banner multiple times which makes them a good investment.

Professional Banner Installation Services

Installed Graphics can help you get your message across in a visually appealing manner that attracts attention to your company. We offer graphic design and professional sign installation services. Contact us to get your free quote or to learn more about how we can help your business stand out from the crowd.


Powerful Custom Fleet Wraps Will Get Your Company Noticed

Powerful Custom Fleet Wraps Will Get Your Company Noticed

The art of marketing has changed over the years as companies look for ways to advertise beyond simply advertising in the newspaper or on radio. One of the most powerful ways to advertise your company is with a custom fleet wrap. You already own the vehicles so why not use them to promote your company?  Our vinyl graphic installers can set you apart from your competition with a professional, and effective, set of custom fleet wraps designed to make a positive visual impression with customers.

Target a Wide Audience

Whether you have a fleet of vans, or simply have a single car or truck, each moment that your fleet is out on the road is a branding opportunity for your business. Your logo and message will be on full display in traffic while making thousands of impressions per day. You can send your message out on the road during a business call or even during your daily lunch hour.

Your company message, and the branding behind it, will go wherever you want when your custom fleet warps are on the road. Sending out vehicles with fleet graphics puts your advertising message directly in front of your local customers and any other areas targeted by your business.

Easy to Track the Effectiveness of the Vinyl Graphics

Our custom fleet wraps provide you the opportunity to market your business while also tracking the effectiveness of your branding.

For example, you can put a separate phone number on the wrap that is only advertised on the fleet vehicle. You can also promote a special deal that can only be redeemed by mentioning that the deal was seen on the vehicle. Plus, fleet graphics are a great way to promote your website address. The possibilities are endless and our team of vinyl graphic installers will help make your marketing ideas a reality.

Contact Us to Transform Your Fleet Graphics

The vinyl graphic installers at Installed Graphics are ready to transform your current fleet vehicles into powerful vehicles that will advertise you to a wider audience.  Vehicle graphics are a cost effective choice to target customers in your local advertising market. Contact us for a free quote or to let us answer any questions you have about custom fleet wraps.


How to Maximize Sales with C-store Graphics

How to Maximize Sales with C-Store Graphics

Forget about cash–convenience is king these days! From online shopping with two-day shipping to grocery store delivery, consumers are trending towards shopping solutions that are fast, easy and accommodating. Fortunately, convenience stores, also referred to as c-stores, fit into this trend by providing, well, convenience. Close parking and only having to navigate a few aisles that carry the essentials allows shoppers to find what they need and make their purchases quickly.

C-store owners should take advantage of their consumers’ full attention while in their store with custom retail graphics to maximize their sales. C-Store graphics work to entice customers into buying your merchandise. Selecting custom signage that speaks directly to the consumer helps bring your brand to life. Prominently displaying retail graphics can also make it easier for the shopper to find what they need without having to ask the busy store clerk for help. Use custom c-store graphics to call attention to merchandise that otherwise might have gone unnoticed and persuade the consumer to make a purchase.

Reach even more potential customers with c-store window graphics. Beckon them to enter the store by featuring a product or promotion inside that’s too good to miss. A popular practice is to use bundling deals in your c-store graphic to drive sales. This sales move consists of pairing less profitable items with more popular ones so that the consumer must buy both. Use the retail sign’s design to convince the consumer why they need the product by listing the features, advantages and/or benefits they’ll receive when they make the purchase.

Another excellent marketing move is to change your convenience store graphics frequently. Update your marketing calendar with any upcoming holidays or events that pair well with your products. Use these opportunities to design and plan your retail graphics throughout the year.

Change convenience store graphics frequently and in accordance with your marketing calendar. By switching out the graphics regularly you’re more likely to reach new and potential customers and garner more interest.

Changing out your graphics regularly also prevents boredom. It will keep graphics from looking weathered and old, which could reflect poorly on your business. Also consider prime placement for your c-store graphics. Use convenience store floor graphics in high traffic areas to lead customers directly to your merchandise.

Creative Convenience Store Graphics in Point-Of-Purchase Displays

 Strategic and creative convenience store graphics make a large impact and boost your point-of- purchase displays. Take advantage of these powerful advertising tools to increase your sales. These point-of-purchase displays can also influence the customer to make an impulse buy. In the U.S., about five out of six shoppers admit to impulse buys, according to a recent poll (

Create captivating convenience store graphics to halt foot traffic and attract attention in a typically fast-paced environment. Use bright colors to catch the consumer’s eye, but also complement your branding.

Convenience Store Graphic Sign Installation

Installed Graphics offers professional retail and convenience store graphic sign installation. Our professional sign installers maintain the highest standards to ensure your retail signage will be installed right the first time with consistency and precision. Make a great first impression and lasting impact on customers. Get your sign installation quote today!

Critical Tips On LED Backlit Signs You Should Know

Make a shining impression with an LED backlit sign. These signs consist of a large format graphic illuminated from behind with LED lights. There’s a reason Emmy’s are handed out for lighting design. Lighting plays a major role in visibility and setting the mood. Much thought and care is also required when designing a custom LED backlit display.
While these signs are certainly head-turning at night, the high-quality images and vibrant graphics can effectively turn heads during the day, too. Improve your company’s visibility and stick in consumers’ minds with a backlit display. They are great for:
      1. Promoting products. Put the spotlight on your products with full-color, striking imagery.
      2. Events. Generate excitement for your next event with a well-lit, unique design promoting your upcoming event.
      3. Helps your company get noticed at tradeshows. Make your business stand out from the rows and rows of tradeshow booth displays with backlit signage. Using a brightly-lit sign shows that your company thinks outside of the (light) box!
      4. Branding your company. Reinforce your branding and improve brand recognition by keeping your colors, design and messaging consistent with your business’ existing brand.
Want to get the most out of your LED backlit sign? Read the following critical tips to learn more!
Tips on LED Signs
A backlit display will most certainly get your company noticed, but get even more bang for your marketing buck by following these crucial tips:
    • Consider where the LED signs will be placed. A sign displayed in a room with low light will require different lighting than one that is more brightly lit. The same is true of a sign displayed indoor versus out. Make sure to choose the appropriate amount of light for best viewing.
    • Distance from the graphic. Lights placed closer to the graphic film with glow brighter as opposed to being placed further away, which provides a softer all over glow. This will also be dependent on the depth of your sign cabinet.
    • The lighting spacing. Determine the spacing of LED lights to provide more consistent, even lighting and the level of brightness.
    • Color of LEDs make a difference on your LED graphic. When designing your sign you can choose between the color temperatures; warm white or cool white. Your selection depends on the mood you’re trying to evoke. Cool white provides a brighter, bluish-toned color. Warm white provides a more soft, yellowish color. Whatever you do, don’t use neon in a corporate office. The light is too harsh for an office space. Instead, opt for elegant box lighting.
    • Angle it will be viewed. Put yourself in your audience’ shoes and check out the angle from which the backlit sign will be viewed before installation.
    • Ambient light. Light boxes provide soft, ambient light as opposed to glaring, severe neon or fluorescent lighting.
    • Avoid hot spots. There should be ample space between the graphic and the LED lights to avoid overly-bright areas, known as hot spots. Too close proximity and cheap graphic materials hamper the overall lighting consistency. Always use quality sign acrylics and translucent vinyl to avoid this problem.
    • Shallow cabinets require an LED with a wider viewing angle. This will provide a better image when viewed from different angles.
    • Light should be even throughout centers and edges. Doing so provides the best overall viewing quality.
    • Appropriate power supply. If overpowered, the LEDs will burn out. If underpowered, the power supply will burn out.
Advantages of LED Backlit Graphic Signs
 Custom LED backlit displays are durable and versatile. They are a great option for promoting your company and reinforcing your marketing efforts.


Here’s 10 advantages to using an LED backlit display to promote your business:
    1. Visibility 24 hours a day, especially at night when you need it the most.
    2. LED backlit graphic signs stand out better (and look better) than fluorescent signage.
    3. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
    4. Perfect for product promotions.
    5. Easy to read from a distance.
    6. Vivid colors that entice people to look.
    7. Graphics can be changed out regularly, but are also durable enough to remain the same.
    8. Promotes and brands your company.
    9. Assists your marketing strategy.
    10. Energy-efficient, requiring lower voltage.
Custom Graphic Designs and LED Sign Installation
Installed Graphics offers professional graphic design and LED sign installation. Our professional graphic designers can create a design that will make your business stand out. They have vast experience working with custom graphics for LED signs.
Our LED sign installers have obtained all the required licensing and permits. We employ 3M Preferred installers, which means the installation is completed correctly and professionally every time. Our installation experts are trained to work safely when encountering potentially dangerous electrical wiring when installing LED signs.
Get a LED sign installation quote for your custom graphic designs and LED sign installation to get the job done right. We offer professional LED sign services for all your needs.


Why Building Wraps Are the New Trend in Marketing

Stop traffic, turn heads and get people talking about your business, products or event. Building wraps enable you to turn your plain brick and mortar into a striking, vibrant and powerful advertising tool! They are the innovative, newer generation of billboards. These can’t-miss, larger-than-life wraps create a BIG first impression.

Companies are always looking for new forms of marketing to give them an edge. Building wraps are one of the newest and highly successful marketing trends. Bigger truly is better! The stories-tall graphics are unexpected and demand attention. Using powerful images and bold colors ensures your business and building will stand out from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Building wraps guarantee your brand, services and events get noticed. If there’s ever a place where a business has to work extra hard to stand out, it’s Las Vegas. With so many sights, sounds and attractions, businesses have to up the ante to gain attention. That’s why many Las Vegas casinos use building wraps to advertise their shows and boxing events. They’re perfect for building excitement around an event. A building wrap allows you to cast a wide net and capture new business. A powerful graphic promoting your event can generate interest and increase ticket sales.

Building wraps are great for targeting audiences where they live, work or go for entertainment. Plus, thanks to their enormous size, they can be seen from quite a long distance.

Businesses That Use Building Banners for Advertising and Marketing

 Building banners and wraps can be used on many different types of businesses. Show potential customers that your business is innovative and thinks outside of the box (or in this case, your four walls). Here are just a few examples of how building wraps can be used:

      • Casinos – They use building banners for advertising and promoting events such as shows, boxing and other forms of entertainment.
      • Retail – Hanging a building banner on a shopping center or mall entices customers to visit your store and make a purchase. Promote your clothing apparel, perfume, accessories, housewares, etc.
      • Apartment buildings & other rental spaces – Building wraps are an excellent way to show off living spaces and fill vacancies.
      • Food industry – Make mouths water with a beautifully-plated steak to get people racing inside your restaurant.
      • Automotive Dealers – Feature vehicles, advertise deals and promote low interest payments.
      • Sporting Events – Feature upcoming sporting events to increase ticket sales.
      • Convention Centers – Share information about upcoming events, such as tradeshows, concerts, and conferences to boost attendance.

Custom Large Format Banners for Any Event

 Custom large format banners can be used for any type of event, from celebrations to sales. Make a big (literally) and lasting impression. Customizing the size and shape of the wrap can add a remarkable impact to an already impressive marketing piece.

Building Wrap Printing and Installation

 Installed Graphics offers design, printing and installation. We will work with you to create the perfect building wrap that boldly publicizes your company, event or product. By offering all of these services, we can personally ensure that your promotion will go smoothly from start to finish.

Building wraps can be used on different surfaces, such as brick, concrete, cinderblock and wood. Installed Graphics is proud to offer high-quality building wrap printing and installation. Our 3M Preferred experts will install your building wrap with precision to establish a professional looking appearance that lasts. Contact Installed Graphics for all your building wrap printing and installation needs.



Why Event Banners Are Great Marketing Tools That Attract Attention

Companies have found out that using event banners provides an increased success rate. These large custom banners help attract attention and boldly display your event information.

Well-designed banners make a huge impact and clearly deliver your organization’s message. Improve your brand’s visibility to target new and existing customers while also increasing brand recognition. Event banners are one of the most successful forms of outdoor promotions. Outdoor banners are an easy way to make a big impression at little cost.

Event Banner Printing Advantages

 Banner printing offers a versatile approach to cost-effective advertising. They can be used indoors or outdoors. The durable, fade-resistant design is made to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it while maintaining a professional look for indoor use, too. Creating a custom vinyl banner allows you to feature everything from images, messages, logos, texts, or anything else your marketing team can dream up. These banners provide endless options at an affordable price.

Types of Events That Use Vinyl Banners

 Because of their affordability combined with versatility, vinyl banners can be used for a wide range of events: big or small, professional or casual, indoors or out. Here are just some of the uses for a custom event banner:

  • Conventions – Use the banner to stir interest and promote the keynote presentation to ensure it’s well-attended.
  • Farmers Market – Notify the community of dates and times to get their fresh produce and homemade items. Feature new booths or activities to garner more interest.
  • Fundraising Event – The more attendees at your event, the more funds raised! Spread the word about your next fundraiser with a well-placed custom banner to help generate more donations.
  • Trade Shows – Trade shows make for stiff competition. Stand out from all the other booths by featuring your business or product’s benefits on an eye-catching banner.
  • Sports Teams or Events – Durable vinyl banners are great for cheering on sports or academic teams. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, show your team spirit with a professionally designed banner featuring your school, college, university or professional sports or academic team!

Nonprofit Banners Tell Your Story and Generate Donations

Requesting donations is no easy task. However, you can share your nonprofit foundation’s story and reach a sizeable audience quickly and affordably by placing it on a large vinyl banner. Use images and emotions to intrigue your viewers and tell the story that words simply can’t. Share your organization’s mission and place a call-to-action, such as, “Help now by calling 1-800-555-5000!” Nonprofit banners are an excellent way to appeal to your audience and raise funds for a good cause.

Banner Installation That Grabs Attention

Professional banner installation is just as important as the banner design and placement. If not installed properly, the custom banner can appear sloppy or unreadable if sagging or falling down. You want to grab attention, share your message and make a great first impression. Installed Graphics’ professionally-trained team are experts at banner installation. Our 3M Preferred installers ensure that your indoor and outdoor banners are secured correctly and will endure all weather conditions.

When you use Installed Graphics for your banner installation, your banners will remain as professional and polished as your business. Our installation experts guarantee secure, long-lasting banners that will repeatedly make a positive impact. Get your banner installation quote today!





5 Powerful Ways To Use Corporate Wall Graphics In Business

The interiors of a business are forever changing and many corporations are converting their bare walls into their company’s vision. Create interest and visual drama on blank wall space with our corporate wall graphics. Our eye-catching designs will help promote your business and reinforce your branding.

Corporate wall graphics show a business’s professionalism and are extremely versatile. They can help motivate and inspire your employees; creating a positive company culture. These vinyl wall decals can also work to connect your clients to your brand. Here’s five ways these custom vinyl graphics can be used in your business:

  1. Vinyl Wall Graphics Will Market And Brand Your Business

Make an entrance, or rather, let your entrance make an impression on your customers. Custom vinyl wall graphics placed in your lobby will market and brand your business before the customer has barely stepped foot in the door.

The lobby of your place of business is a crucial and key area for making a good first impression. Beautifully displaying your company name and logo with a custom wall graphic will make a great, lasting first impression. A prominent wall decal featuring your company name and logo will:

  • Welcome clients
  • Create instant brand recognition with customers
  • Allow job applicants to visualize what it’s like working for your company
  1. Feature Your Mission Statement And Core Values with Custom Wall Decals

Most businesses display their mission statement and core values where everyone, both employees and customers, can see it. Presenting your mission statement and core values with a custom wall decal will let your clients, visitors and employees know exactly what your company is all about. It also helps remind your employees of their purpose. Vinyl graphics are perfect for displaying your business standards in the conference room, lobbies, work areas, hallways, break rooms and every blank space in between.

  1. Incorporate Your Company History Or Timeline In Your Vinyl Decals

The latest trend for sprucing up blank office space is displaying your company’s timeline using vinyl wall decals. Not only does it create interest, but it also reminds viewers of your corporate beginnings. Utilize this otherwise wasted space to highlight your business’s growth and increasing success over the years.

  1. Culture Wall Graphics Will Motivate And Inspire Your Employees

Create a more fun and exciting work environment. Displaying your corporate message with wall graphics that reflect your unique company culture will motivate and inspire your employees. Let your wall graphics serve as a constant reminder of your company culture every day as they walk past it. It’s like a permanent pep talk for your team!

  1. Merchandising Wall Graphics For Your Products

Help your brand create a lifestyle with wall graphics featuring bold visuals. If your company sells sports equipment, feature vibrant, larger than life imagery of athletes performing the various sports using the very equipment you’re selling.

Merchandising wall graphics help show off and draw attention to your products. You can also use them to showcase new products to clients and customers.

Why Use Professional Vinyl Graphic Installers

With endless options, trying to decide what to feature in your wall graphics can be difficult, but installing the graphic doesn’t have to be. It’s important to use professional vinyl graphic installers. Installed Graphics uses experienced 3M Preferred vinyl graphic installers to ensure your graphic is put up smoothly with a professional appearance.

Our wall graphic installation will give you the exact look you’re envisioning with consistency and precision. We promise your custom vinyl decal’s appearance will be as smooth as your Installed Graphics experience! Contact Installed Graphics to get the job done right the first time! Give us a call today at 314-872-3100 or email us at