Kopytek, Inc. announces the formation of Installed Graphics, Inc. and PRINT IT BIG!

Kopytek forms Installed Graphics and Print It Big

Kopytek, Inc. announces the formation of Installed Graphics, Inc. and new

PRINT IT BIG! Division


Installed Graphics, Inc., a division of parent company Kopytek, St. Louis, Missouri’s premier digital printing company, provides installation nationwide. We proudly provide the highest quality graphics installation available. Installed Graphics, Inc. services the retail, convenience store, fleet, and experiential industries, and operates as a separate entity, both on a wholesale and commercial level.

We are Lowen’s preferred installers, and offer installation to other printers, sign companies and franchises, as well as corporations throughout the U.S. Installed Graphics also operates an on-site installation fleet facility at two locations in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kopytek President John Peterson notes, “Our clients rely on us for quality wide format printing because of our many capabilities and our ability to deliver. It was a natural extension of our business to provide the highest quality graphics installation available.”

We are also proud to announce that Kopytek, Inc. has added a new division, Print it Big!, to better serve the growing wide format market, both regionally and nationally. Coupled with Kopytek’s printing assets, Print it Big! has made an additional $2,000,000 investment in the wide format market segment, which encompasses rigid board and synthetic materials, as well as flexible vinyl for wall, vehicle and window applications.

Our customers’ need for wide format printing in their packaging, sales and marketing efforts was recognized. Print it Big! has partnered with leading manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard, Fuji, and Veritiv to bring the highest quality equipment and substrates currently available to the St. Louis marketplace and surrounding region to accommodate those needs. This means our clients will be able to produce large, durable, high quality visuals with digital, personalized color to help promote their branding.

As Peterson stated, “Printing has moved far beyond paper and ink and has come to mean any visual on any substrate.”

That’s why we are so excited to bring this high-end service to our growing list of clients. Print it Big! enables our customers to create flawless prints on 5’x10’ boards up to 2” thick, and flexible material, including vinyl, fabric, magnetics and styrene up to 10’ wide and 600’ long.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best equipment, marketing and service.

For more information about Kopytek, Installed Graphics, Inc. or Print It Big!, visit us online at: www.kopytek.com, www.installedgraphics.comwww.printitbig.com