What Are The Best Cars To Wrap?

When it comes to achieving the maximum brand impact with your fleet of company vehicles, there are certain cars that are considered the best cars to wrap. Our professional team of vehicle wrap installers can place a professional car wrap on any type of vehicle. However, there are some vehicles that have certain advantages thanks to their design. For example, an SUV is ideal because its large vehicle panels and doors offer prime advertising real estate. Extended cab trucks are the best option for trucks because of their longer build and additional trim options. Plus, placing a topper on the truck can increase the available space for a truck wrap.

Best Vehicle Wraps Are On These Automobiles & Benefits

Here are a few automobiles that feature the best vehicle wraps thanks to their unique benefits

  • Wonderfully Wide – A trend in recent years is square vehicles such as a Honda Element or Toyota Scion. The wide shape of these cars help them stand out on the road. They have less curves than more traditional designs so they offer wide spaces for big graphics on the broad sides of the auto.
  • Cute with Curves – Rounder vehicles, like a VW Bug, offer a few challenges when placing the wrap. Our vehicle wrap installers use all available space to market your company in harmony with the eye-catching design of the car. These automobiles have a built-in “wow factor” that adds an aura of coolness to your message. Plus, the vehicle design makes your ad stand out even more when the wrap is done in a full pattern.

Vehicle Wrap Installers In St. Louis

Vehicle wraps are one of the most popular ways to brand and market a business. While there are many vehicle wrap installers in St. Louis, the experienced team at Installed Graphics knows a lot about the best use of design space on vehicles. No matter what type of vehicle you wrap, it will stand out from the crowd on the highway as well as the city streets. That’s why you need to trust the placement of your vehicle wrap with a team that has designed, created and placed vehicle wraps on automobiles of all shapes and sizes. The team you need is right here at Installed Graphics.

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Car Wraps: What Makes A Great Wrap?

What makes great car wraps? A car wrap calls attention to your business so you want to use the best automotive wrap installation techniques. While it might seem that all car wraps are created equally, there are multiple factors that go into designing a great car wrap. One company might be looking to install a car wrap on compact cars while another business might want vehicle wraps placed on trucks or vans. An experienced automotive wrap installation company takes the size and shape of a vehicle into account instead of trying to create “one size fits all” graphics. A great wrap is designed to meet your specifications and not to make the installation easy for the vehicle wrap company.

Quality Vehicle Wraps Need Professional Experience

In order to get the highest quality vehicle wraps, the company you choose needs to have the necessary experience to handle the task. Here are some of the skills needed to create a quality vehicle wrap:

  • Vehicle Wraps Design Skill Vehicle wraps design skill is important it must be pleasing to the eye, and not too busy, is vital to the car wrap process. A skilled graphic designer listens to your requests and makes sure the final design turns your idea into reality. Skilled graphic designers are able to create eye-catching vehicle wraps.
  • Vinyl Wrap Materials A vehicle wrap is an important investment for your company. It promotes your business name and services to the public so the vinyl wrap materials used for the wrap need to be able to handle any kind of weather as well as debris from the road.
  • Professional Car Wrap Installation – A professional car wrap installation consists of proper pre-installation preparation of the vehicle. Expert vehicle wrap installers will avoid overstretching, peeling edges, bubbling, bad trimming, creased edges and more.
  • Custom Vehicle WrapsAs mentioned above, custom vehicle wraps must be made to fit your needs and not be a generic design for any vehicle.

Automotive Wrap Installation Services That Turns Heads

A great wrap design and automotive wrap installation will turn heads and demands the attention of consumers. An expertly designed car wrap serves multiple functions including being a billboard for your business, a conversation starter and a branding tool for your company. A vehicle wrap can feature your phone number and website so customers know how to take the next step and contact your business once the vehicle wrap grabs their attention. Grow your business with customers from all over your local area with a vehicle wrap that is expertly designed and pleasing to the eye. Browse through our graphic installation blog for more articles on wrap design, vehicle wraps and more.

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Vehicle Graphics & Fleet Wraps Are Bringing Brands To Life

Branding is sometimes tricky to manage in the modern business world. You want to get your message across to the public while also making sure you get the necessary information about your company across to others in an easy to understand manner. Vehicle graphics and fleet wraps are one of the most popular methods currently being used to bring brands to life in the eyes of consumers. Installed Graphics is recognized across the country for its professional car wrap installation services. Read on to learn the top benefits of fleet wraps and why car wrap installation is the ideal solution to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Fleet Wraps Top Benefits

When utilizing fleet wraps to brand your company, there are multiple benefits for businesses of all sizes:

  • Exposing your brand with fleet wraps – Consumers are more likely to use your services if they are familiar with your brand. By simply driving fleet wrap covered company vehicles, you attract the attention of people each day and build brand awareness.
  • An increased authority using fleet wraps – When consumers see a vehicle branded with fleet wraps, they almost always assume you are an authority in your field. They are also likely to greatly respect your level of knowledge when they contact you about a product or service.
  • Building trust – Trusting a company is one of the single most important factors in the decision-making process for customers. When your vehicle graphics display your company information, you are showing the public that you are serious about your work and want to earn their business.

Professional Car Wrap Installation Services

Now that you know the benefits of custom-designed vehicle graphics, it’s time to put fleet wraps to work for your business. In St. Louis, as well as across the United States, Installed Graphics is known as a leader in the field of car wrap installation services. Our team is experienced in working with businesses of all sizes. Whether your branding message is well established, or you are a new company looking to make your presence known, our staff is here to partner with you to grow your brand message.

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Concrete Pole Wraps & Keg Wrapping For Advertising

Driving, or walking, past concrete poles is an everyday part of life for millions of people. These poles are prime advertising space for a business of all sizes. Graphic concrete pole wraps transform ugly concrete poles and columns, with no personality into an attractive advertising space that is useful for delivering your branding message. In addition to branding your company, they also help drive extra revenue and can be changed on a regular basis to support new promotions or to advertise events that are specific to a certain month or time of year. Concrete pole wraps can be as colorful as you want and customized to include your company name, logo, social media addresses and any other information you want to include in your message. Installed Graphics offers sign installation services for your printed graphics and wraps.

Bollard Wraps Advertise Events, Products & Brands

Have you ever thought about using the available space on a bollard for advertising? A bollard wrap covers the short posts that are used to divert traffic from a certain road or area. Here are just a few of the reasons bollard wraps are an effective advertising medium:

  • Bollard wraps are a unique and nontraditional advertising space that reinforces your branding message through a custom designed bollard wrap.
  • Custom bollard wrap messages can be changed out as often as you like so the bollard wrap can promote time-sensitive promotions or sales events.
  • Individual bollard poles can be customized with different bollard wrap graphics so you can promote multiple products or sales items on different posts.

Keg Wraps Will Brand Your Beer

While there might not be scientific proof behind this statement, it is a well-known fact that people at a party love to congregate around a keg. Advertise your business and brand your beer with keg wraps created with professional graphic printing. Whether the kegs are located in a store for sale to the public, or they have been delivered to a party or after hours event, you will be targeting a receptive audience when it comes to delivering your branded advertising message.

If you are ready to explore the advertising possibilities of concrete pole wraps and keg advertising, contact us for more information as well as a free quote.

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Custom Vehicle Wraps Attract Attention When You Need It

Getting the attention of customers is no longer as simple as placing an ad in the newspaper or buying a TV commercial. Your audience is on the go and custom vehicle wraps are an effective way to attract attention. A vehicle wrap installed on a truck, trailer or boat transforms your fleet vehicles into moving billboards that turn heads and market your product and services by catching the eye of other drivers. When it comes to designing your vehicle graphics, our professional wrap installers consider the shape and size of your fleet vehicles to effectively and efficiently install your branding message while generating the maximum exposure for your company. Contact us for any custom vehicle wraps, signs, and graphics.

Trailer Wraps Are Advertisement On Wheels

Trailer wraps are an opportunity to turn your fleet into a mobile advertisement on wheels. Here are just some of the ways trailers wraps benefit your business:

  • Traditional billboards are restricted by the fact that they are stationary advertisements. Trailers wraps travel with your audience by being on the road with them.
  • You can target multiple sectors of your audience in a single day by dispatching your fleet vehicle wraps to different areas that you service in your community.
  • Trailers wraps give your business an added sense of professionalism. When your customers see it, they will feel like they are dealing with a company that is serious about addressing the needs of their customers.

Cool Boat Wraps Will Get You Noticed On Water

Summertime will be here before you know it. Get noticed on the water this season by taking advantage of the benefits of cool boat wraps.

  • Boat wraps can be customized to promote your business as well as an event or special that you want to promote to those enjoying an afternoon on the water.
  • A custom cool boat wrap is not a “one-time deal” when it comes to getting noticed on the water. You can take your advertising message on the water to boat shows, fishing shows, and competitions and even out on the water to catch the attention of families enjoying a vacation day.
  • Custom boat wraps catch the attention of your audience without being “in their face” or creating a negative impression by being viewed as an interruption to their event or a relaxing day on the water.

Now that you know the ways custom vehicle wraps attract attention when you need it, call our professional wrap installers to transform your fleet vehicles into an advertising opportunity.

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Retail Graphics Play A Huge Role In Sales

Retail Graphics Play A Huge Role In Sales

Catching the attention of consumers is an important step in generating sales. One aspect of marketing that many businesses don’t utilize to close sales is retail graphics. Companies that use vinyl window graphics have a creative advantage that helps them stand out from the crowd. A bright and attractive sign isn’t enough because customers on the go don’t always have time to go into a store to learn more information about a business. Our graphic installers team is here to help grab the attention of customers with a sign or poster that quickly and effectively conveys the selling points of your business.

The Benefits of Using Retail Signage to Drive Sales

Retail businesses are in a very competitive marketplace and need to use every advantage at their disposal to drive sales growth. Here are some of the ways retail signage can play a huge role in sales:

  • Promote deals and special offers – Vinyl window graphics give your marketing efforts an extra boost by promoting special offers and deals to potential customers. A well placed, and creatively designed, window graphic that advertises a special offer can bring curious shoppers into your business.
  • Not limited to retail window graphics – Retail graphics can be “on the go” with your sales team around town. Our graphic installers can place vinyl window graphics on company cars and vans and even on personal vehicles. Let your target audience know about your services, and where to find your business, as your team travels around town.

Retail Graphics Create Curiosity

Retail graphics create a sense of curiosity among consumers. They allow customers to see part of the inside of your business while still leaving something to the imagination. If a potential customer is intrigued by your graphics, while not being able to see all the way inside the business, there is a good chance they will come through the door to get more information. Getting people inside your business builds brand awareness and also increases the chances of a sale. Eye-catching window graphics are intriguing to consumers and an effective tool to increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Professional Graphic Installers

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How Successful Hotel Graphics Can Generate ROI

Hotel Graphics Will Generate ROI

When customers stay at hotels, they are a captive audience for advertisers. The hotel guests are usually visiting from out of town and are not familiar with the area where they are staying. Successful hotel graphics grab the attention of hotel guests looking for somewhere to eat or a local attraction to visit. Hotel marketing that utilizes graphics can generate ROI in terms of increased revenue and the number of people visiting the business doing the advertising. Creative hotel marketing is easy to place and can be changed up to reflect your business message, when hotel signage is executed by our team of graphic installers.

Successful Hotel Marketing Translates into Revenue

There are many times when guests do not have the opportunity to leave the hotel. They are stuck in meetings all day and are counting on hotel graphics to provide information that will make their stay smoother. Here are just a few creative ways hotel marketing translates into revenue and hotel branding for your hotels:

  • Hotel Marketing Time Targeted Services – The hotel benefits from having amenities and services that appeal to their guests. Graphics used for hotel marketing can promote breakfast in the hotel restaurant, happy hour specials in the bar or shops that offer toiletries the guest forgot to pack and needs before a meeting, such as toothpaste or deodorant.
  • Brand Identity From Key Card Graphics – Hotel guests always carry their room key with them. Hotel marketing ideas for these key cards include your brand identity, hotel restaurant, local pizza delivery services, the number for a local taxi service or local business specials only available for your guests.

Hotel Graphics Fight Diminishing Returns

Getting too comfortable with established practices and conducting “business as usual” can lead to diminishing returns. This leaves an opening for your competitors to step in and try to capture the marketplace. The old business rules and the traditional amount of revenue made by your business will not apply anymore. Compelling and informative hotel graphics, placed by our team of graphic installers, help you avoid marketing apathy and decreased revenue by providing hotel guests with an innovative and creative marketing message.

Contact us to learn more about the long term ROI benefits of hotel graphics.

Graphic Installers For Hotels

Installed Graphics is the leading graphic installers for hotels in St. Louis. Get professional results with our experts in graphic installation. We create and install signs and vinyl graphics from small to large format. Check out our Graphic Installation Blog to get ideas and learn more.

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How Cities Are Honoring Veterans With Light Pole Banners

Light Pole Banners Honor Veterans

Our country is proud of our veterans and enjoys showing our appreciation to the members of our military. One of the latest ways that cities across the country are honoring veterans in their community is placing light pole banners all across the city. These custom pole banners and signs allow cities to honor the military while also providing a eye catching way to grab the attention of the residents of the town. Our professional banner installation team knows how important it is to create signs that show the proper respect for veterans while also honoring them for their dedication and service in protecting our country.

Honoring Veterans Along With Active Service Members

The desire to honor military veterans is a noble one. There are a few steps everyone should follow when planning a project of this type.

  • Banner Design – The military veteran light pole banners will be seen by thousands of people on a daily basis. The light pole banner design needs to be eye catching since they will have multiple viewings. Our design team will work with you to create a “sign shell” that can include items such as the name of the veteran, branch of the military, number of years served and even a photo of the person.
  • Banner Material – It is important to remember that the outdoor pole banners will be on display 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our production team will create, and install, banners that can withstand the elements while not fading or coming apart in bad weather.

Planning for the Future

One of the best parts are making a “sign shell” for your street pole banner project is the fact that the design will already be created and ready for use when additional light pole banners need to be manufactured and installed. An eye catching, and easy to execute, design will make the expansion of your light pole banners honoring veterans a manageable project once you are ready to salute more veterans in the coming months and years. These custom banners and signs will inspire civic pride while also saluting your hometown military veterans for generations to come.

Contact our team to learn more about the process of creating these inspiring custom banners and signs.

Graphic Design & Banner Installation Services

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Bus Wraps Are The New Mobile Billboards

One of the main issues with outdoor advertising is the fact that your target audience has to drive past a traditional billboard to view your message. Vehicle wrap advertising allows your branding message to be seen by an audience all across the city since bus wraps are mobile billboards. Full bus wraps deliver your advertising to the areas where crowds are located rather than hoping your stationary billboard ad is seen by the right people. You can target commuters sitting in traffic, people leaving a concert or a baseball game or customers looking to spend money in shopping areas across the city.

What are the Benefits of Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vehicle wraps turn heads by getting up close and personal with your target audience. Vehicle wrap advertising offers a number of benefits:

  • Branding with vehicle wraps can contain a number of key elements to reinforce your company branding. Our expert vehicle wrap installers ensure your business name, social media platforms, phone number and address deliver your branding message.
  • Targeted Audience Reach – The ability to target where your bus wrap is seen means you can easily reach your desired audience. Our graphic design team will work with you to design your desired message.  
  • Customization Options – Bus wraps can cover the entire vehicle or different areas such as the front or back. They can be designed for different vehicles if you want to use multiple messages for different sections of your audience. Vehicle wrap advertising can also be changed out on a regular basis to reflect a new sale.

An Eye-Catching Advertisement

Your bus wrap advertising message will catch the attention of consumers on the go when it appears on a wrapped vehicle. Vehicle wrap advertising has a creative impact that breaks through the clutter of traditional billboards and bus stop ads. Bus wraps are mobile billboards that go where your audience lives as well as where they work and shop. The ability to target your advertising in specific regions, most applicable for your campaign, allows you to reach the customer base you desire.

Vehicle Wrap Installers

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Conference Banner Graphics Make A Powerful Statement

Conference Banners For Brand Awareness

Making a good impression at a business conference goes beyond the appearance of your employees. The way your business signage looks also makes a statement on how you want to be viewed by others. Conference banner graphics send a powerful message about your company. Professional banner installation helps increase brand awareness as well as conveys important information about your company. Build brand awareness with conference banners and get noticed!

Convention Banner Graphics Promote Your Service or Product

A convention banner graphic that includes your business name and logo will draw traffic to your booth or location. The convention banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes to make it easier to get the key points of your message across to others. A compelling message, combined with easy to read text and colors that are bold, are an effective way to deliver your message to others.

Plus, the convention banners are easy to transport so they can be moved to the stage if you are giving a speech or product presentation. Framing a stage with multiple banners reinforces your message while also giving conference attendees a visual image to go along with your spoken message.

Custom Banners Attract Attention Wherever You Go

Custom banner graphics at a conference or trade show is a polite way of telling others to “talk to me!” Our versatile banner installation methods mean your conference banner graphics can be placed on a table or floor as well as high above the crowd. Being able to easily spot your banner enables attendees to find the location of your table or room. They won’t get lost once you provide a banner to show them the way.

Pole Banners Are Visually Appealing

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so visually appealing conference banners graphics are a must have for your company. Promote your business while emphasizing key points about your product. Plus, pole banners are long lasting thanks to proper banner installation techniques. You can use the same banner multiple times which makes them a good investment.

Professional Banner Installation Services

Installed Graphics can help you get your message across in a visually appealing manner that attracts attention to your company. We offer graphic design and professional sign installation services. Contact us to get your free quote or to learn more about how we can help your business stand out from the crowd.