How Successful Hotel Graphics Can Generate ROI

Hotel Graphics Will Generate ROI

When customers stay at hotels, they are a captive audience for advertisers. The hotel guests are usually visiting from out of town and are not familiar with the area where they are staying. Successful hotel graphics grab the attention of hotel guests looking for somewhere to eat or a local attraction to visit. Hotel marketing that utilizes graphics can generate ROI in terms of increased revenue and the number of people visiting the business doing the advertising. Creative hotel marketing is easy to place and can be changed up to reflect your business message when hotel signage is executed by our team of graphic installers.

Hotel Banners Attract Attention

Attract attention with hotel banners by placing them outside your hotel. Advertise special rates with outdoor banners to draw customers into your hotel. Hang the banner on your building in high traffic areas where everyone can see it. Promote special events and conferences with outdoor hotel banners. Let us help you promote special rates or events with a custom hotel banner.

Successful Hotel Marketing Translates into Revenue

There are many times when guests do not have the opportunity to leave the hotel. They are stuck in meetings all day and are counting on hotel graphics to provide information that will make their stay smoother. Here are just a few creative ways hotel marketing translates into revenue and hotel branding for your hotels:

  • Hotel Marketing Time Targeted Services – The hotel benefits from having amenities and services that appeal to their guests. Graphics used for hotel marketing can promote breakfast in the hotel restaurant, happy hour specials in the bar or shops that offer toiletries the guest forgot to pack and needs before a meeting, such as toothpaste or deodorant.
  • Brand Identity From Key Card Graphics – Hotel guests always carry their room key with them. Hotel marketing ideas for these key cards include your brand identity, hotel restaurant, local pizza delivery services, the number for a local taxi service or local business specials only available for your guests.

Hotel Graphics Fight Diminishing Returns

Getting too comfortable with established practices and conducting “business as usual” can lead to diminishing returns. This leaves an opening for your competitors to step in and try to capture the marketplace. The old business rules and the traditional amount of revenue made by your business will not apply anymore. Compelling and informative hotel graphics, placed by our team of graphic installers, help you avoid marketing apathy and decreased revenue by providing hotel guests with an innovative and creative marketing message.

Contact us to learn more about the long-term ROI benefits of hotel graphics.

Graphic Installers For Hotels

Installed Graphics is the leading graphic installers for hotels in St. Louis. Get professional results with our experts in graphic installation. We create and install signs and vinyl graphics from small to large format. Check out our Graphic Installation Blog to get ideas and learn more.

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