5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Hotel Signs & Displays

Hotel signs and displays, created by hospitality printing services, are loved by guests as well as the hotel staff for a variety of reasons. Here are five undeniable reasons these graphics are loved by all:

  • Hotel displays offer branding opportunities such as placing the name of the hotel front and center, spotlighting the slogan of the hotel and even making subtle use of the hotel business colors to make the hotel top of mind to guests.
  • Hotel signs allow the business to share important guest information in easy to find locations.
  • Hotel signage can be functional and share hotel business info or be artistic designs that enhance the atmosphere of the building.
  • Hotel signs can have the same information over a long period of time or they can be updated on a regular basis with new information.
  • Custom hotel signs come in different shapes and sizes which means they can be installed and displayed in multiple areas of the hotel. Need a large sign or banner graphic installed?

Benefits Of Hotel Displays & Signs

Some of the most common benefits of hotel displays and signs include:

  • Hotel displays & signs allow the hotel to make a good first impression on guests by being accessible and easy to view when the hotel signs are first viewed by guests entering the building.
  • Hotel displays can highlight the amenities that the hotel offers including such areas as the business center, the pool area and a luxury spa area.
  • Hotel signs can help upsell guests by informing them of the location of the hotel restaurant and bar as well as happy hour specials and food and beverage deals related to different meals throughout the day.

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Hospitality Printing & Design

The experienced hospitality printing and design services team at Installed Graphics partners with you to take advantage of the undeniable reasons these hotel graphics are loved by guests and the hotel staff. We meet with you to discuss your goals for the hotel displays and to get a clear idea of the design ideas you have in mind. Once the final design is approved, we turn your ideas into a reality while making sure you maintain quality control during every step of the process. If you love the final result then your guests will love the results as well.

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