Are Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Tax Deductible?

Are Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Tax Deductible?

Vehicle wraps and graphics are a great advertising tool that brand a business through colorful graphics and enticing text. Some businesses are not sure about spending the money to have vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics placed on a vehicle unless they are able to deduct the vehicle wrap installation on their taxes. Are vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics tax deductible? The answer is a solid “maybe”.

A tax adviser can let a person know if a vehicle wrap on a personal vehicle is tax deductible. The tax adviser has first hand knowledge about tax laws and can guide a person in the right direction. Don’t have a tax adviser? Review IRS Publication 463 (Chapter 4) for an in-depth look at car allowances and deductions for personal vehicles as well as the distinction between personal use of a vehicle and business use of a vehicle. Simply putting vehicle graphics on a personal vehicle does not count as tax deductible if the car is still used for personal matters. IRS Publication 535 (Chapter 11) says a vehicle wrap is likely tax deductible as an advertising expense for a business if it clearly advertises the brand and promotes the business on a vehicle associated with the company. We are not tax experts so, as mentioned earlier, consult with a tax adviser for more in-depth advice.

Vehicle Graphics & Wraps For Advertising Your Business

Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps advertise your business in multiple ways:

  • A vehicle wrap is a mobile billboard that is able to get exposure with multiple audiences each day because the vehicle wrap is able to travel to different parts of town on a daily basis as opposed to a traditional billboard
  • Vehicle wraps can deliver important information about a business in easy to understand text and graphics such as the business name, logo and contact information or social media platforms
  • Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps can be updated to promote a specific event and sale or they can keep delivering the same information to increase the branding of the company

Vehicle Wrap Installation, Printing & Design Services

Vehicle wrap installation, printing and design services should be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable vehicle wrap design and installation company. Vehicle graphics need to walk a fine line between being colorful and eye-catching and being so busy with too many colors and too much text that the marketing message cannot be easily understood in the limited time another driver has to view and process the information on the vehicle wrap. Ask the company you have in mind for examples of actual vehicle wrap installation, printing and design services they have handled in the past so you will have a better idea of the results you can expect from a vehicle wrap.

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