How To Care For Vehicle Wraps After Installation

How To Care For Vehicle Wraps After Installation

Vehicle wraps brand a business and market it to the public while they are driving on the road. Car wraps have eye-catching graphics and deliver the information companies want to share about their business with consumers. Once a vehicle wrap is designed and installed, it is up to your company to practice vinyl vehicle wrap care in order to keep the wrap in good shape and not scratched or ripped or with any other kind of damage that can impact the effectiveness of the fleet wrap. While car wraps are cost effective and only need to be paid for once (as opposed to traditional billboards and other advertising methods), proper vinyl vehicle wrap care is necessary to ensure a long life for this mobile advertising investment.

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Care

Here are some tips for your company when it comes to vinyl vehicle wrap care:

  • The graphics on the vehicle wraps should be cleaned on a regular basis so consumers can better see them and get a quality image of your business.
  • Car wraps represent the brand of a company. If consumers see a vehicle that is not clean/with graphics that are hard to read, they will not expect much from your business or services.
  • Properly cleaning the graphics extends their life by protecting them from the elements and pollutants like tar and oil.
  • If vehicle wraps are branding a food and beverage company or a cleaning company, dirty graphics will not give customers much faith in the cleanliness of your services or products.

Keep Car Wraps Looking Their Best

It is in your best interest to keep your car wraps looking their best at all times. For many consumers, the first impression they will get of your company is the car wraps graphics. Don’t risk making a bad first impression because you don’t feel like cleaning the vehicle today. Plus, vinyl vehicle wrap care helps prolong the life of vehicle wraps by keeping them looking as new and fresh as they did when the graphics were first placed on the fleet vehicles. Car wraps are a 24/7 marketing opportunity for businesses that are willing to take the time to maintain them on a regular basis.

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