Vehicle Wraps Get Your Business The Maximum Mobile Exposure

Vehicle Wraps Get Your Business The Maximum Mobile Exposure

According to the American Trucking Association, vehicle wraps leave 98% of customers with a positive image of a company. However, simply having your company vehicles covered in a fleet wrap is not enough to create an effective mobile advertising campaign. One simple step is keeping the vehicle clean and looking new when it is on the road. Don’t make a dirty vehicle the lasting image for your company because this makes consumers think your business is unprofessional. Another step in effectively using vehicle wraps for mobile advertising is parking the vehicle in high traffic areas. Using your vehicle to advertise your company on the road, with a fleet wrap, is called mobile advertising for a reason! Get your vehicle out and about to get the attention of customers. Rush hour in the morning or the afternoon is the perfect opportunity to gain exposure using vehicle wraps.

Benefits Of Mobile Advertising Your Business Vehicles

Mobile advertising benefits your business in a number of ways:

  • Mobile advertising saves money because paying for the advertising provided by vehicle wraps is a one time fee. Radio and newspaper ads have to be purchased on an ongoing basis while a fleet wrap is ready to return your investment after it is paid for and installed.
  • Mobile advertising with a business vehicle allows you to reach more customers than a traditional billboard. The fact that the vehicle can be moved to multiple areas of town gives you more exposure to a wider range of customers.
  • In addition to traveling to different parts of town each day, vehicle wraps have the ability to make 30,000-80,000 impressions per day. If you have your fleet wrap on the road five days a week, your mobile advertising impressions can be anywhere from 150,000-400,000.
  • Fleet Wrap Design, Printing & Installation Services

    Once you decide it is time to use fleet wrap design, printing and installation services for your company vehicles, you need to choose a business experienced in professionally designing and installing vehicle wraps. Mobile advertising is a big part of the marketing strategy of many companies. A professionally designed, printed and installed fleet wrap gives your business instant credibility to drivers on the road as it makes your company look like it is ready to earn their business. Ask the company you want to use for examples of their past work so you can be sure they provide the results you desire when it comes to vehicle wraps.

    Get the mobile exposure you desire from vehicle wraps by contacting our experienced design and installation team today.

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