Vehicle Wraps: Why You Should Hire Professionals

While it is fun to accomplish a project in a DIY manner, there are some tasks that require you to work with a professional. When it comes to vehicle wraps, you need to hire a car wrap installation professional that is industry certified and experienced. Professional vehicle wrap installers have years of experience which has allowed them to learn techniques and tricks that provide superior results. They know how to properly prep the surface of the vehicle as well as how to make sure the panels line up perfectly. They also know how far they can stretch the film before the results created by large format printing services becomes distorted. With all of the advantages that come with hiring a professional, there is no reason for you to try a “homemade” car wrap installation project. Learn more about our graphic design, printing and installation services.

Why The Art Of Car Wrap Installation Takes A Professional

Car wrap installation requires a professional for the following reasons:

  • Proper Prep For Car Wrap Installation – The vehicle must be properly cleaned before the vehicle wrap is installed. This includes cleaning every edge of the doors, hood, and body of the vehicle. The wheel wells must be cleaned to get rid of dirt, oil and other substances from the road. Vinyl wraps are tucked around the edges to cover the paint and provide proper tension. Failure to clean in a proper manner can result in car wrap failure.
  • Cutting The Correct Vinyl Size – Vinyl for cars should not be cut in the exact shape of a vehicle panel. The vinyl should be cut bigger than the panel size. It will be trimmed after it is installed. The tension created after the vinyl wrap settles helps it stick to the vehicle. If the vinyl is not the correct size, the results can include peeling, shrinking and tearing.

Large Format Printing Services

Large format printing services provide superior results with vehicle graphics and wraps of any size. Whether the car wrap is a full or partial wrap, large format printing provides an almost unlimited number of color options that make your wrap stand out from the crowd. Your logo and essential company information will be large enough to be viewed from a distance while not being too crowded or lost in a design that is too complicated. Large format printing services are the industry standard in making an impact on both new and existing customers.

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