What’s The Difference Between Half and Full Vehicle Wraps?

What’s The Difference Between Half and Full Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps brand a business whenever a company vehicle is on the road or parked in the company parking lot thanks to the combination of graphics and text that market the business. Fleet wraps can cover half of a vehicle or it can cover the entire company vehicle. A half wrap only covers certain parts of the vehicle such as the entire back part of the vehicle and (maybe) under the windows of the doors. On the other hand, full vehicle wraps cover the entire surface of the vehicle and runs from the back of the vehicle all the way up the hood of the vehicle. The wrap installation process is the same for half or full vehicle wraps. The final decision of what type of vehicle wrap to install is determined by the needs of the business.

Fleet Wraps From Partial Wraps to Full Wraps

Fleet wraps are available in partial wraps and full wraps as seen below:

  • Partial wraps only cover a certain part of the vehicle. Businesses often wrap the back area of the vehicle because it is easily viewed by people that are behind the vehicle in traffic. The design usually starts around the front tires and goes all the way to the back of the vehicle while keeping the graphics located below the line of the windows.
  • Full wraps cover the entire vehicle. A full vehicle wrap is exactly what it sounds like since they cover the whole vehicle including the hood, windows, roof and any area of the vehicle that can be seen from a standing point of view by a consumer. The larger display area allows designers to include more info without making it seem too crowded or “information-heavy”.

Professional Wrap Installation Services

Professional wrap installation services ensure that vehicle wraps are professionally installed on vehicles of all sizes. Wrap installation services makes sure the vehicles are professionally cleaned and free of dirt and debris before the fleet wraps are installed on the vehicle. In addition, wrap installation services keep the full wrap or half wrap free of bubbles or wrinkles while also making sure the wrap does not go over the car handles or side mirrors on the vehicle. When done properly, professional wrap installation services help vehicle wraps last for years while maintaining their eye-catching appearance.

Not sure if you need a full wrap or a partial wrap? Contact our experienced vehicle wrap team today about installing fleet wraps on your company vehicles.

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