Colored adhesives, how to maintain accuracy and quality

There are numerous reasons why you might look for colored adhesive when creating an application. Whether it’s for brand recognition or product identification requirements, colored adhesive tapes are incredibly useful.

The most common method for obtaining custom colored tape is by sourcing colored face material and then coating the adhesive on the carrier to create a colored double-sided or single-sided tape product.

While this approach can achieve the desired color and effect, it can also present some challenges. These may include the unavailability of the desired face material color and the high minimum order quantities required to produce tapes using this method.

However, Drytac offers a much easier and more efficient alternative thanks to its unique adhesive science. Drytac takes a clear carrier film such as PET, PVC, or LDPE and tints the adhesive to the desired color or shade.

This results in a colored tape that can be created in virtually any color. To further simplify the process for customers, the minimum order quantity for these custom adhesives is just one master roll, which is much more manageable than the alternative method.

Drytac’s production flexibility allows customers to provide an existing colored tape for matching or choose from Drytac’s extensive range of color swatches to select a color that best suits their application.

In conclusion, with Drytac’s adhesives, the possibilities for creativity and color are endless.

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