Just Make it Go Away!

Did you know Installed Graphics removes vinyl from vehicles and trailers, as well as installs?  Here are some tips for easy removal:

  1. Your vinyl will remove easier if you use a high quality laminate.  Although a liquid laminate will save you money up front, you may spend hundreds of dollars more per vehicle on removal later on.  Be sure to know the life of your wrap when making this decision.
  2. Certain vinyls, particularly 3M, remove easier than off-brand competitors.  Since removal is almost always billed by the hour, quicker removal means a lot of money saved.
  3. Remember, removal takes time, and time means your vehicle is not on the road making you money.

Installed Graphics, Inc. has specialized equipment to speed the removal process, so you can get your fleet back on the road.

Think about your removal when ordering your installation – you won’t regret it!

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