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How Retail Barricade Graphics Walls Boost Your Business

Nothing arouses curiosity quite like an appealing retail barricade graphics walls touting that a new business is coming soon. Pre-occupied shoppers stop to take notice, make note of the opening date and rush home to tell their neighbors, friends, family, the mailman and anyone else they can, the “news.” They might even take to their social media accounts to spread the word that they were the first to know about the new business coming to the area. Everyone loves to be “in the know” —especially when it affects and benefits their community.

Retail barricade graphics walls, when placed in your storefront, create brand awareness and reach your targeted audience; all while you meticulously prepare for your opening day. The barricade graphics also work to build anticipation for your store opening. They’re functional and provide low cost advertising.

These versatile retail barricades can also be used to create a temporary wall or space, to direct the flow of traffic within your store, hide ongoing construction, or create an interesting and unique space at a trade show. Utilize these barricades to market your business and gain future customers. Installed Graphics offers professional retail graphic installation services that will capture your customer’s attention.

Here are some of the types of barricade walls we offer:

  • Shopping Mall Barricade Graphics – How better to advertise your new business than in the very space where your new store will reside? It gives you the ability to reach your target demographic: shoppers that already enjoy shopping at that location. Create a buzz about your new store while hiding all the prep work happening behind the barricade walls.
  • Construction Barricades – Cover the chaos of a construction project behind a clean and sharp-looking barricade promoting your business.
  • Trade Show Barricades – Create a space that is uniquely yours and stand out from the other trade show booths. Using a trade show barricade makes your business look innovative and established. It will help you attract potential prospects and generate new leads.

Construction Barricades Graphics Promote Your Brand 

 Hide unsightly construction messes while you’re updating your space with our smart-looking construction barricades graphics. Start building your brand before you even open for business. You can also use under construction graphics to feature your logo and branding to complement your marketing efforts. Highlight useful information about your store, products you’ll offer and services you’ll provide once open. Doing so will help create excitement about the newest store on the block!

Shopping Mall Barricade Graphics Build Excitement

Imagine your store is still weeks away from opening, but there’s already excitement stirring. Shopping mall barricade graphics work to inform your target audience which store is coming. Shopping mall barricades also help promote your brand’s identity to create familiarity with consumers and create a buzz about your business.

You can also announce the opening date on the barricade to ensure your grand opening is just that—grand! Consumers love to be in the know and will share by word-of-mouth and on social media about a new business. Get a free quote today!

Build Your Brand With Custom Barricade Walls

 Custom barricade walls build your brand before your store even opens. Barricades covered in attention-grabbing graphics with your business name and logo work to create brand recognition. Consumers will feel like they already know your exceptional brand before you can even hang the open sign in the window.

Branded barricades will also help you gain repeated exposure to potential consumers. Think of it as a miniature billboard promoting your brand to shoppers as they stroll by. These custom barricade wall graphics are a perfect way to set up your store until the big reveal.

Hire Professionals To Create & Install Barricade Graphics

Using custom barricade walls is a smart business choice. However, the biggest mistake businesses make is not hiring professionals to create and install barricade graphics. Poor design elements won’t attract the attention you’re seeking. At Installed Graphics, we’re known for creating barricade graphics that stand out from all the crowded storefronts and draw attention to your brand.

We utilize durable and high quality materials so your graphics will last and continue to look as professional as your company. We promise smooth, flawless installation without creasing or unfinished edging. All our installations are performed by Preferred installers. This means we are completely professional and adhere to extremely high standards. We ensure the best experience possible, from selecting your eye-catching design to quick, seamless installation with friendly service.

Get a head start and get your company noticed before it’s even open for business. Give us a call today at 314-872-3100 or contact us at



Print It Big! Featured in Big Picture Magazine

Installed Graphics and Print It Big! are both new divisions of the St. Louis-based company, Kopytek. We are excited to announce that Print It Big was recently featured in the ‘Digital News’ section of the online magazine, Big Picture.

Print It Big! serves the printing market both locally and nationally.  Their wide-format print services range from printing rigid boards, synthetic materials all the way to flexible vinyl for walls, vehicles, and windows.

President of Kopytek, John Peterson, says, “Digital, personalized color continues to dominate our growth, and customers are demanding higher quality visuals to promote their branding” and that’s exactly what Print It Big! delivers – high-quality digital prints to promote your brand in the most personalized way!

Click here to read the full article on Big Picture magazine.

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