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What are the differences between the Industry standard 3M IJ180 and the new 3M IJ280?

3M™ IJ180 vs 3M™ IJ280 Vinyl

Installed Graphics compares the two for you in one simple page.

  • 3M™ IJ180: Is a durable, cast vinyl film designed for long-term outdoor use. It has a lifespan of up to 10 years and is known for its resistance to UV radiation and tough weather conditions. It's has been a reliable choice for vehicle wraps and outdoor graphics for many years.
  • 3M™ IJ280: IJ280 is another cast vinyl film from 3M, but it is generally considered to be less durable compared to IJ180. It's designed for medium-term applications and typically has a lifespan of around 5-7 years. While it's still a good choice for outdoor use, it may not be as long-lasting as IJ180.
  • 3M™ IJ180: Is known for its excellent conformability, making it a preferred choice for wrapping vehicles and applying graphics to complex curves and contours. It can stretch and conform to irregular surfaces with ease.
  • 3M™ IJ280: Offers good conformability, it may not be as flexible as IJ180. It's more suitable for flat or slightly curved surfaces.  IJ280 tends to conform better at room temperature.
  • Both films come with 3M's proprietary Controltac™ and Comply™ adhesive technologies, which help with ease of application and bubble-free installation. They allow for repositioning during application, which is especially important for large-scale graphics.
Finish Options:
  • Both IJ180 and IJ280 are available in a variety of finishes, including gloss, matte, and satin, to suit different design preferences.
  • Both vinyl films are compatible with solvent, latex, and UV-curable ink systems, making them versatile choices for various printing methods.
  • 3M IJ180 is generally considered a premium product, and it tends to be more expensive than IJ280. The choice between the two may depend on your specific project requirements and budget constraints.

5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Hotel Signs & Displays

Hotel signs and displays, created by hospitality printing services, are loved by guests as well as the hotel staff for a variety of reasons. Here are five undeniable reasons these graphics are loved by all:

  • Hotel displays offer branding opportunities such as placing the name of the hotel front and center, spotlighting the slogan of the hotel and even making subtle use of the hotel business colors to make the hotel top of mind to guests.
  • Hotel signs allow the business to share important guest information in easy to find locations.
  • Hotel signage can be functional and share hotel business info or be artistic designs that enhance the atmosphere of the building.
  • Hotel signs can have the same information over a long period of time or they can be updated on a regular basis with new information.
  • Custom hotel signs come in different shapes and sizes which means they can be installed and displayed in multiple areas of the hotel. Need a large sign or banner graphic installed?

Benefits Of Hotel Displays & Signs

Some of the most common benefits of hotel displays and signs include:

  • Hotel displays & signs allow the hotel to make a good first impression on guests by being accessible and easy to view when the hotel signs are first viewed by guests entering the building.
  • Hotel displays can highlight the amenities that the hotel offers including such areas as the business center, the pool area and a luxury spa area.
  • Hotel signs can help upsell guests by informing them of the location of the hotel restaurant and bar as well as happy hour specials and food and beverage deals related to different meals throughout the day.

Read more about our retail graphic installation services.

Hospitality Printing & Design

The experienced hospitality printing and design services team at Installed Graphics partners with you to take advantage of the undeniable reasons these hotel graphics are loved by guests and the hotel staff. We meet with you to discuss your goals for the hotel displays and to get a clear idea of the design ideas you have in mind. Once the final design is approved, we turn your ideas into a reality while making sure you maintain quality control during every step of the process. If you love the final result then your guests will love the results as well.

Take the first step towards having hotel signs and displays that everyone loves by giving us a call today.

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Hotel Wall Graphics Create Memorable Hospitality Experience

Hotel wall graphics add to the overall hospitality experience and create a memorable hotel stay for your guests. Hotel graphics, created by experienced printing services, make an impression on the people viewing them because they are more than simple images. They are a combination of hotel signage, a promotional tool, a display to showcase the hotel brand and an actual piece of artwork that can be viewed and enjoyed on its own terms. Instead of being nothing more than graphics and some text, hotel wall graphics have evolved to include bold graphics that brand the hotel while also contributing to the total guest experience. Your guests will leave the hotel with good memories and a positive impression of your hotel. Learn more about our retail graphic installation.

Hotel Graphics & Signs Benefits

There are multiple benefits to using hotel graphics and signs. They include:

  • Hotel wall graphics brand the hotel to your customers. Even if the purpose of the graphics isn’t promotional, the inclusion of the hotel logo or slogan works to brand the business to hotel guests.
  • Hotel graphics & signs provide guidance and important information to hotel guests. They show the guests where to find their rooms, the location of the business center or conference rooms and the location of other areas that are commonly sought out by the public.
  • Hotel signs help to upsell products and services by promoting hotel restaurant specials, spa treatments, happy hour deals and other purchase that can be considered impulse buys. Need a large sign or banner graphics installed?

Custom Printing Services For Hotels

Custom printing services for hotels are the foundation of creating hotel graphics that provide a memorable hospitality experience. The experienced design team at Installed Graphics will work with you to design and manufacture custom graphics that make your hotel top of mind to hotel guests looking for a place to stay or to schedule a business conference or convention. Our team meets with you to discuss your goals and the final results you want to achieve with your hotel graphics. You maintain quality control every step of the way as the graphics and signs are designed, manufactured and installed in your hotel.

Take advantage of the benefits provided by hotel wall graphics by giving us a call today.

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Hotel Graphics And Banners Are Crucial For Branding

When it comes to operating a successful hotel, one of the first steps is branding the property to business people as one of the best options for either an overnight stay or multiple nights for a business trip. Branding is crucial to the continued growth and overall success of the hotel. A professional and eye-catching method to brand your hotel is using hotel graphics and banners strategically placed throughout the building. Hotel graphics, designed and installed by an experienced graphic installation team, can spotlight information about the services offered by the hotel, specials that are only available to guests and provide a visual shorthand so guests instantly know the location of certain amenities that are unique to the hotel or services the hotel is well-known for offering its guests.

Types Of Hotel Banners And Graphics & Impressive Benefits

There are multiple types of hotel banners and graphics that provide benefits to your hotel:

  • The hotel lobby is one part of the hotel that everyone visits. Placing hotel banners in this section assures you of having an audience for the services and events you want to promote.
  • Most hotels offer conference rooms and events spaces for rent. Pop-up retractable banner stands with informative hotel graphics can direct people to the correct area for events, conferences, and presentations.
  • Hotel banners placed outside the hotel attract the attention of drivers on the road. These consumers are local residents in the market for business meeting spaces or restaurants for dinner with friends and family.
  • Hotel graphics that advertise your on-site services can be used for in-the-moment marketing of events and specials available exclusively to hotel guests.

Read our blog post on not forgetting these five things with your hospitality graphics.

Hospitality Graphic Installation By Installed Graphics

Hospitality graphic installation services should be handled by an experienced design and installation team. The Installed Graphics design and installation team begins the hotel graphics creation process by meeting with you to discuss your branding goals and overall vision for the hotel signs and banners. We consult with you during each step of the process to make sure you are happy with the look of the graphics. We can also make any changes you desire along the way to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. Get your graphic installation estimate today.

For more information about the branding benefits of hotel graphics and banners, contact our team today.

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Hospitality Graphics: 5 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

Hospitality graphics play an important role at a hotel. They exist to provide important hotel information as well as make life easier for hotel guests. They even help local residents visiting the property for a meeting or dinner with friends at the hotel restaurant or bar. Even with the knowledge that hospitality wall graphics promote and brand the business, many hotels are not taking full advantage of the benefits offered by hotel graphics installation. In general, many hotels forget five key items when it comes to utilizing wall and window graphics in their hotel. Keep reading to discover five key things you should do with your hospitality graphics.

5 Hotel Graphics Things You Should Do

Here are five things all hotel graphics should do:

  1. Use hotel graphics to direct guests to restaurants, conference rooms, and other hotel areas through the use of visual cues from the graphics
  2. Make sure your hotel logo is prominent on the sign to brand your hotel and become top of mind to your guests
  3. Utilize in-the-moment marketing with hotel graphics that advertise restaurant specials, hotel amenity packages, and other on-site specials
  4. Include your website address and social media platforms to encourage consumer interaction and customer loyalty.
  5. Promote yourself using hospitality graphics to spotlight awards you have received or statistics that showcase customer satisfaction with your services

Discover why hotel graphics and banners are crucial for branding.

Professional Hotel Graphics Installation Services

The first step in utilizing hospital graphics is contacting a business that specializes in professional hotel graphics installation services. Our experienced staff includes design and installation professionals that work with you to deliver your desired message to hotel visitors. Graphics can be an effective marketing and information tool if they are used correctly. They can also be distracting and confusing if they do not clearly spotlight the information contained on them. Take advantage of the benefits provided by hospitality graphics and effectively deliver the information you want to share with your guests. Get your graphic installation estimate today!

Take the first step in using hospitality graphics by calling our experienced hotel graphics team today.

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Fleet Wraps Are Crucial For Building Your Brand

One of the most crucial aspects of marketing a business is building your brand. Having an established and recognizable brand can make your business top of mind in your business sector. Fleet wraps present an opportunity for mobile advertising utilizing a custom vinyl wrap on your vehicle. Fleet wrap installation increases brand awareness and turns heads on the road. A custom designed and professionally installed fleet wrap is an opportunity to market your company 24/7. An eye-catching custom vinyl wrap will get the attention of consumers on the road and increase their awareness of your company which provides marketing benefits that extend beyond the length of their commute to work or school. Get a quote on custom fleet wraps for your company vehicles.

Custom Vinyl Wraps Have Powerful Benefits In Marketing

There are multiple marketing benefits to using custom vinyl wraps:

  • Fleet wraps allow you to market to multiple audiences each day. Unlike a traditional billboard, a vehicle with a fleet wrap can drive to different areas of town so your message is seen by a wider audience.
  • Fleet wrap installation helps to build the reputation of your brand. As other drivers see your logo and branding message on a daily basis, your reputation as a well-known and professional company will grow.
  • Custom vinyl wraps save you marketing money in the long run. Once the fleet wrap is placed on the vehicle, it remains there permanently unlike a billboard which is only seen during the time of the advertising campaign.
  • Custom fleet wraps can deliver important information such as your phone number, marketing slogan and social media platforms.

Fleet Wrap Installation By Nationally Recognized Installers

Fleet wrap installation is more than simply placing magnets or stickers on the side of a business vehicle. Custom vinyl wraps must be carefully created in order to contour the body of the vehicle. The design process needs to account for items such as mirrors and door handles when being installed on the vehicle. Our expert team of designers and installers will meet with you to discuss your branding goals and then work on bringing your marketing vision to life.

Give us a call at 314-872-3100 to find out more about the benefits of building your brand with fleet wraps.

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5 Reasons Why Your Competitors Invested In Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are visible no matter where you drive on the road. Many of your competitors have invested in vinyl wrap installation on their fleet of vehicles and are seeing the benefits of commercial vehicle wraps. If you are not sure about having one installed on your vehicle, here are 5 reasons your competitors invested in vehicle wraps:

  1. Vehicle wraps & graphics increase your visibility – Vehicle wraps and graphics advertise your business 365 days a year. Drivers and pedestrians see your message whether you are driving or the vehicle is parked.
  2. Automotive wraps are a long lasting investment – Unlike a billboard or radio ad, a commercial automotive wrap is a one-time investment in advertising your company.
  3. Visual Upgrade – A car wrap covers rust or damage and refreshes the appearance of the vehicle.
  4. Advertise in Multiple Locations -Automotive graphics and wraps are advertising on wheels and can deliver your message to customers in different parts of town each day.
  5. It’s like an additional salesperson – Automotive wraps advertise your company and you don’t have to pay commission to the vehicle!

Browse through Installed Graphics blog for more articles.

How Commercial Vehicle Wraps Rev Up Your Marketing Strategy

Commercial vehicle wraps are an important part of your marketing strategy:

  • Commercial Vehicle Wraps Offer Brand consistency – Commercial vehicle wraps unify your marketing look by incorporating the same branding elements as your other marketing materials.
  • Local targeting – Driving a wrapped vehicle in your local service area increases the awareness of your business among those who work or live in the area as well as those attending an event in the service area.
  • Non-Aggressive Advertising – Unlike a radio ad that interrupt the attention of a person, customers can spot your marketing message without being distracted from the task they are currently performing.

Get a free quote today!

Professional Vinyl Wrap Installation

Professional vinyl wrap installation is more than deciding to put a logo or other words on a vehicle. The design of a car wrap needs to be eye-catching and memorable while not being so busy that the marketing message is lost on a customer. Plus, the automotive wrap must be created with the specific vehicle in mind which means it needs to be designed to properly contour the vehicle body including such items as the door handles and bumpers. Our experienced design and installation team can walk you through the process and make your marketing campaign come to life.

Give us a call today at 314-872-3100 to learn more about getting commercial vehicle wraps for your business!

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Commercial Vehicle Wraps: Do They Wrap The Roof?

Commercial vehicle wraps are a 24/7 billboard for a business. They deliver a brand message whether the automotive wrap on fleet vehicles are being seen on the road or if it is sitting in the parking lot of a business. In addition, van wraps can cover part of a vehicle or the entire automobile. Because there are so many options when it comes to commercial vehicle wraps, many questions come to mind when a commercial wrap is being designed. The design team will work with the business to decide how much information should be included on the commercial wrap and what colors will be used in the design. In addition, there is one more big question that needs to be answered:

Does the roof need to be wrapped?

Automotive Wraps For Small & Medium Vehicles Wrap The Roof

If automotive wraps are for small or medium-sized vehicles, then wrap the roof. When it comes to wrapping a roof, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Will the commercial vehicle look odd if the roof is not wrapped? Thankfully, as discussed below, there are concrete answers to this question.
  • If the company vehicle is a tall vehicle, the answer to the above question is usually “NO”. The roof is not easily seen on a taller vehicle so there is normally no need to wrap the area. Instead, companies can use the area that is seen by customers. Designing a vinyl wrap to utilize the visible surface makes maximum use of the branding potential of the vehicle.
  • If commercial vehicles are a small or midsize vehicle, the answer is likely “YES”.  A commercial vehicle where the top is seen needs the roof wrapped because it would look out of place for the color of the vehicle to be different from the wrap color.

Browse through our Graphic Installation Blog for more articles and ideas on vehicle wraps.

Van Wraps & Large Vehicles You Don’t See The Roof

Van wraps and large vehicles don’t always mix because of the simple fact that consumers will likely not see the top of the roof. One of the ways businesses can maximize their investment in an automotive wrap is not having the vinyl wrap placed on the portion of the vehicle that is not easily seen by customers. Besides aiding with the overall wrap design of the large vehicle wraps, it also saves money since the cost is reduced by not wrapping the roof. This is money that can be spent on custom wrap graphics or other marketing efforts by the business.

Professional Fleet Vehicle Wraps & Installation In St. Louis

Installed Graphics offers professional fleet vehicle wraps and installation in St. Louis and the contiguous U.S. states.  Our graphic designers will create impressive vehicle wraps that will get your company noticed. If you need help determining if your fleet vehicles need a wrapped roof, contact our expert design team at 314-872-3100.

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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Are Eye Candy For Your Business

No matter what type of business you run on a daily basis, all business owners want their company to be noticed. Vehicle wraps & graphics that are professionally designed and installed are eye candy for your business. Vinyl vehicle graphics catch the attention of other drivers on the road and help make your business top of mind for your business sector. Vehicle wraps and graphics will deliver your branding message as well as share other important information with consumers such as your phone number, web address and social media platforms. In addition, these rolling vehicle billboards can utilize colorful designs and compelling graphics that have both an immediate and long-lasting impact on consumer buying decisions.

Vehicle Graphic Designs That Get Noticed

Getting noticed is important in branding and the best way to get noticed is with eye-catching vehicle graphic designs installed on your vehicle.

Vehicle graphic design ideas that get you noticed include:

  • Vehicle wraps can cover an entire vehicle which means they can be big and bold in order to stand out. Larger than life graphics grab attention and make people remember you. This doesn’t mean the design should be overcrowded as too much information cannot be processed easily while driving.
  • Effective vehicle designs should be colorful and dynamic while also being simple in design. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter and busy backgrounds that can distract from your message.
  • Vehicle wrap designs with a branding message that is memorable and immediate in nature get attention. There is not a lot of time to grab the attention of customers so your message needs to get to the point.

Browse through our Graphic Installation blog for more articles on vehicle wraps, commercial printing, and installation.

Vehicle Wrap Installers In St. Louis & Nationally

The first step in installing a vehicle wrap is finding a company with experience in providing superior results. Our professional design and vehicle wrap installation team will take photos of your vehicle from all sides and angles to gather key measurements for creating the vehicle graphics. Plus, we will sit down with you to discuss your design ideas. Knowing what you do and don’t want is key to providing the vinyl graphics you desire. While it is tempting to take an idea and run with it, communication and agreeing on the design makes sure your vision is properly executed when it comes time to create the vehicle wrap.

If you’re ready to create some memorable eye candy on your fleet vehicles, give us a call at 314-872-3100.

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Vehicle Wraps: Why You Should Hire Professionals

While it is fun to accomplish a project in a DIY manner, there are some tasks that require you to work with a professional. When it comes to vehicle wraps, you need to hire a car wrap installation professional that is industry certified and experienced. Professional vehicle wrap installers have years of experience which has allowed them to learn techniques and tricks that provide superior results. They know how to properly prep the surface of the vehicle as well as how to make sure the panels line up perfectly. They also know how far they can stretch the film before the results created by large format printing services becomes distorted. With all of the advantages that come with hiring a professional, there is no reason for you to try a “homemade” car wrap installation project. Learn more about our graphic design, printing and installation services.

Why The Art Of Car Wrap Installation Takes A Professional

Car wrap installation requires a professional for the following reasons:

  • Proper Prep For Car Wrap Installation – The vehicle must be properly cleaned before the vehicle wrap is installed. This includes cleaning every edge of the doors, hood, and body of the vehicle. The wheel wells must be cleaned to get rid of dirt, oil and other substances from the road. Vinyl wraps are tucked around the edges to cover the paint and provide proper tension. Failure to clean in a proper manner can result in car wrap failure.
  • Cutting The Correct Vinyl Size – Vinyl for cars should not be cut in the exact shape of a vehicle panel. The vinyl should be cut bigger than the panel size. It will be trimmed after it is installed. The tension created after the vinyl wrap settles helps it stick to the vehicle. If the vinyl is not the correct size, the results can include peeling, shrinking and tearing.

Large Format Printing Services

Large format printing services provide superior results with vehicle graphics and wraps of any size. Whether the car wrap is a full or partial wrap, large format printing provides an almost unlimited number of color options that make your wrap stand out from the crowd. Your logo and essential company information will be large enough to be viewed from a distance while not being too crowded or lost in a design that is too complicated. Large format printing services are the industry standard in making an impact on both new and existing customers.

Put an experienced professional to work on designing and installing your vehicle wrap by calling us at 314-872-3100.

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