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Vehicle Wrap Patterns & Textures: The Latest Trends

A car wrap is an eye-catching way to grab the attention of consumers sharing the road with you. Single color mattes were big in 2017 but color shifting wraps seem to be dominating the vehicle wrap patterns market in 2018. Color changing vinyl wraps are available in either a matte or gloss finish and give the look of a new paint job with multi-tones without the need to pay for a new paint job. The other hot trend is textured wraps that make a huge visual impact by giving your vehicle a more personalized look. A textured wrap takes visual textures like carbon fiber, brushed metal or a wood grain and adds it to the finishing of the wrap in order to create the textured effect. Both trends make a big statement that builds consumer awareness. Find more helpful vehicle wrap articles in our Graphic Installation blog.

Car Wrap Textures & The Benefits

Car wrap textures add something special to any vehicle while also offering multiple benefits:

  • A textured wrap provides a custom look to a vehicle which makes it unique and memorable to others who see it on the road. They can be designed, created and manufactured in whatever design a person imagines,
  • Car wrap textures give a new look to a car without the need to spend any money on a paint job. Plus, if a car was dented or scratched, that entire section of the vehicle would need to be repainted so everything matched on the vehicle. With a textured wrap, only a certain section of a panel would need to be replaced in order to provide a perfect match with the entire vehicle.

Types of car wrap textures:

  • Shadow Military Green
  • Shadow Black
  • Matrix Black
  • Carbon Fiber Black
  • Carbon Fiber Anthracite
  • Carbon Fiber White
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Brushed Titanium
  • Brushed Steel
  • Brushed Black Metallic

Paint Protection Film Protects Your Vehicle

Paint protection film is also known as PPF or “clear bra”. In order to keep a vehicle looking as fresh from the factory as the day it was purchased, PPF is installed to the exterior of the vehicle body. This thermoplastic urethane film protects the surface of the vehicle from rocks, road debris, bug splatters and other elements that can cause scratches and stains. Paint protection film also has an unrivaled self-healing technology that makes most scratches disappear without others being any wiser. Thanks to its advanced flexibility, PPF is easily installed and hugs tightly to the contours and curves of vehicles of any size and shape.

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    What Are The Best Cars To Wrap?

    When it comes to achieving the maximum brand impact with your fleet of company vehicles, there are certain cars that are considered the best cars to wrap. Our professional team of vehicle wrap installers can place a professional car wrap on any type of vehicle. However, there are some vehicles that have certain advantages thanks to their design. For example, an SUV is ideal because its large vehicle panels and doors offer prime advertising real estate. Extended cab trucks are the best option for trucks because of their longer build and additional trim options. Plus, placing a topper on the truck can increase the available space for a truck wrap.

    Best Vehicle Wraps Are On These Automobiles

    Here are a few automobiles that feature the best vehicle wraps thanks to their unique benefits

    • Wonderfully Wide Vehicles – A trend in recent years is square vehicles such as a Honda Element or Toyota Scion. The wide shape of these cars helps them stand out on the road. They have fewer curves than more traditional designs so they offer wide spaces for big graphics on the broad sides of the auto.
    • Cute with Curves – Rounder vehicles, like a VW Bug, offer a few challenges when placing the wrap. Our vehicle wrap installers use all available space to market your company in harmony with the eye-catching design of the car. These automobiles have a built-in “wow factor” that adds an aura of coolness to your message. Plus, the vehicle design makes your ad stand out even more when the wrap is done in a full pattern.

    You may also be interested in our article “Car Wraps: What Makes A Great Wrap?”.

    Vehicle Wrap Installers In St. Louis

    Vehicle wraps are one of the most popular ways to brand and market a business. While there are many vehicle wrap installers in St. Louis, the experienced team at Installed Graphics knows a lot about the best use of design space on vehicles. No matter what type of vehicle you wrap, it will stand out from the crowd on the highway as well as the city streets. That’s why you need to trust the placement of your vehicle wrap with a team that has designed, created and placed vehicle wraps on automobiles of all shapes and sizes. The team you need is right here at Installed Graphics.

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