Month: May 2018

Concrete Pole Wraps & Keg Wrapping For Advertising

Driving, or walking, past concrete poles is an everyday part of life for millions of people. These poles are prime advertising space for a business of all sizes. Graphic concrete pole wraps transform ugly concrete poles and columns, with no personality into an attractive advertising space that is useful for delivering your branding message. In addition to branding your company, they also help drive extra revenue and can be changed on a regular basis to support new promotions or to advertise events that are specific to a certain month or time of year. Concrete pole wraps can be as colorful as you want and customized to include your company name, logo, social media addresses and any other information you want to include in your message. Installed Graphics offers sign installation services for your printed graphics and wraps.

Bollard Wraps Advertise Events, Products & Brands

Have you ever thought about using the available space on a bollard for advertising? A bollard wrap covers the short posts that are used to divert traffic from a certain road or area. Here are just a few of the reasons bollard wraps are an effective advertising medium:

  • Bollard wraps are a unique and nontraditional advertising space that reinforces your branding message through a custom designed bollard wrap.
  • Custom bollard wrap messages can be changed out as often as you like so the bollard wrap can promote time-sensitive promotions or sales events.
  • Individual bollard poles can be customized with different bollard wrap graphics so you can promote multiple products or sales items on different posts.

Keg Wraps Will Brand Your Beer

While there might not be scientific proof behind this statement, it is a well-known fact that people at a party love to congregate around a keg. Advertise your business and brand your beer with keg wraps created with professional graphic printing. Whether the kegs are located in a store for sale to the public, or they have been delivered to a party or after hours event, you will be targeting a receptive audience when it comes to delivering your branded advertising message.

If you are ready to explore the advertising possibilities of concrete pole wraps and keg advertising, contact us for more information as well as a free quote.

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    Custom Vehicle Wraps Attract Attention When You Need It

    Getting the attention of customers is no longer as simple as placing an ad in the newspaper or buying a TV commercial. Your audience is on the go and custom vehicle wraps are an effective way to attract attention. Vehicle wraps installed on a truck, trailer or boat transforms your fleet vehicles into moving billboards that turn heads and market your product and services by catching the eye of other drivers. When it comes to designing your custom vehicle graphics, our professional wrap installers consider the shape and size of your fleet vehicles to effectively and efficiently install your branding message while generating the maximum exposure for your company. Contact us for any custom vehicle wraps, signs, and graphics.

    Trailer Wraps Are Advertisement On Wheels

    Trailer wraps and graphics are an opportunities to turn your fleet into a mobile advertisement on wheels. Here are just some of the ways custom trailers wraps benefit your business:

    • Vinyl trailer wraps are seen by more people. Traditional billboards are restricted by the fact that they are stationary advertisements. Trailers wraps travel with your audience by being on the road with them.
    • You can target multiple sectors of your audience in a single day by dispatching your fleet vehicle wraps to different areas that you service in your community.
    • Trailers wraps give your business an added sense of professionalism. When your customers see it, they will feel like they are dealing with a company that is serious about addressing the needs of their customers.

    Cool Boat Wraps Will Get You Noticed On Water

    Summertime will be here before you know it. Get noticed on the water this season by taking advantage of the benefits of cool boat wraps.

    • Boat wraps can be customized to promote your business as well as an event or special that you want to promote to those enjoying an afternoon on the water.
    • A custom cool boat wrap is not a “one-time deal” when it comes to getting noticed on the water. You can take your advertising message on the water to boat shows, fishing shows, and competitions and even out on the water to catch the attention of families enjoying a vacation day.
    • Custom boat wraps catch the attention of your audience without being “in their face” or creating a negative impression by being viewed as an interruption to their event or a relaxing day on the water.

    Now that you know the ways custom vehicle wraps attract attention when you need it, call our professional wrap installers to transform your fleet vehicles into an advertising opportunity.

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