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Hotel Graphics And Banners Are Crucial For Branding

When it comes to operating a successful hotel, one of the first steps is branding the property to business people as one of the best options for either an overnight stay or multiple nights for a business trip. Branding is crucial to the continued growth and overall success of the hotel. A professional and eye-catching method to brand your hotel is using hotel graphics and banners strategically placed throughout the building. Hotel graphics, designed and installed by an experienced graphic installation team, can spotlight information about the services offered by the hotel, specials that are only available to guests and provide a visual shorthand so guests instantly know the location of certain amenities that are unique to the hotel or services the hotel is well-known for offering its guests.

Types Of Hotel Banners And Graphics & Impressive Benefits

There are multiple types of hotel banners and graphics that provide benefits to your hotel:

  • The hotel lobby is one part of the hotel that everyone visits. Placing hotel banners in this section assures you of having an audience for the services and events you want to promote.
  • Most hotels offer conference rooms and events spaces for rent. Pop-up retractable banner stands with informative hotel graphics can direct people to the correct area for events, conferences, and presentations.
  • Hotel banners placed outside the hotel attract the attention of drivers on the road. These consumers are local residents in the market for business meeting spaces or restaurants for dinner with friends and family.
  • Hotel graphics that advertise your on-site services can be used for in-the-moment marketing of events and specials available exclusively to hotel guests.

Read our blog post on not forgetting these five things with your hospitality graphics.

Hospitality Graphic Installation By Installed Graphics

Hospitality graphic installation services should be handled by an experienced design and installation team. The Installed Graphics design and installation team begins the hotel graphics creation process by meeting with you to discuss your branding goals and overall vision for the hotel signs and banners. We consult with you during each step of the process to make sure you are happy with the look of the graphics. We can also make any changes you desire along the way to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. Get your graphic installation estimate today.

For more information about the branding benefits of hotel graphics and banners, contact our team today.

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    Hospitality Graphics: 5 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

    Hospitality graphics play an important role at a hotel. They exist to provide important hotel information as well as make life easier for hotel guests. They even help local residents visiting the property for a meeting or dinner with friends at the hotel restaurant or bar. Even with the knowledge that hospitality wall graphics promote and brand the business, many hotels are not taking full advantage of the benefits offered by hotel graphics installation. In general, many hotels forget five key items when it comes to utilizing wall and window graphics in their hotel. Keep reading to discover five key things you should do with your hospitality graphics.

    5 Hotel Graphics Things You Should Do

    Here are five things all hotel graphics should do:

    1. Use hotel graphics to direct guests to restaurants, conference rooms, and other hotel areas through the use of visual cues from the graphics
    2. Make sure your hotel logo is prominent on the sign to brand your hotel and become top of mind to your guests
    3. Utilize in-the-moment marketing with hotel graphics that advertise restaurant specials, hotel amenity packages, and other on-site specials
    4. Include your website address and social media platforms to encourage consumer interaction and customer loyalty.
    5. Promote yourself using hospitality graphics to spotlight awards you have received or statistics that showcase customer satisfaction with your services

    Discover why hotel graphics and banners are crucial for branding.

    Professional Hotel Graphics Installation Services

    The first step in utilizing hospital graphics is contacting a business that specializes in professional hotel graphics installation services. Our experienced staff includes design and installation professionals that work with you to deliver your desired message to hotel visitors. Graphics can be an effective marketing and information tool if they are used correctly. They can also be distracting and confusing if they do not clearly spotlight the information contained on them. Take advantage of the benefits provided by hospitality graphics and effectively deliver the information you want to share with your guests. Get your graphic installation estimate today!

    Take the first step in using hospitality graphics by calling our experienced hotel graphics team today.

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