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5 Powerful Ways To Use Corporate Wall Graphics In Business

The interiors of a business are forever changing and many corporations are converting their bare walls into their company’s vision. Create interest and visual drama on blank wall space with our corporate wall graphics. Our eye-catching designs will help promote your business and reinforce your branding.

Corporate wall graphics show a business’s professionalism and are extremely versatile. They can help motivate and inspire your employees; creating a positive company culture. These vinyl wall decals can also work to connect your clients to your brand. Here’s five ways these custom vinyl graphics can be used in your business:

  1. Vinyl Wall Graphics Will Market And Brand Your Business

Make an entrance, or rather, let your entrance make an impression on your customers. Custom vinyl wall graphics placed in your lobby will market and brand your business before the customer has barely stepped foot in the door.

The lobby of your place of business is a crucial and key area for making a good first impression. Beautifully displaying your company name and logo with a custom wall graphic will make a great, lasting first impression. A prominent wall decal featuring your company name and logo will:

  • Welcome clients
  • Create instant brand recognition with customers
  • Allow job applicants to visualize what it’s like working for your company
  1. Feature Your Mission Statement And Core Values with Custom Wall Decals

Most businesses display their mission statement and core values where everyone, both employees and customers, can see it. Presenting your mission statement and core values with a custom wall decal will let your clients, visitors and employees know exactly what your company is all about. It also helps remind your employees of their purpose. Vinyl graphics are perfect for displaying your business standards in the conference room, lobbies, work areas, hallways, break rooms and every blank space in between.

  1. Incorporate Your Company History Or Timeline In Your Vinyl Decals

The latest trend for sprucing up blank office space is displaying your company’s timeline using vinyl wall decals. Not only does it create interest, but it also reminds viewers of your corporate beginnings. Utilize this otherwise wasted space to highlight your business’s growth and increasing success over the years.

  1. Culture Wall Graphics Will Motivate And Inspire Your Employees

Create a more fun and exciting work environment. Displaying your corporate message with wall graphics that reflect your unique company culture will motivate and inspire your employees. Let your wall graphics serve as a constant reminder of your company culture every day as they walk past it. It’s like a permanent pep talk for your team!

  1. Merchandising Wall Graphics For Your Products

Help your brand create a lifestyle with wall graphics featuring bold visuals. If your company sells sports equipment, feature vibrant, larger than life imagery of athletes performing the various sports using the very equipment you’re selling.

Merchandising wall graphics help show off and draw attention to your products. You can also use them to showcase new products to clients and customers.Discover how professional retail graphic installation services can benefit your business.

Why Use Professional Vinyl Graphic Installers

With endless options, trying to decide what to feature in your wall graphics can be difficult, but installing the graphic doesn’t have to be. It’s important to use professional vinyl graphic installers. Installed Graphics uses experienced 3M Preferred vinyl graphic installers to ensure your graphic is put up smoothly with a professional appearance.

Our wall graphic installation will give you the exact look you’re envisioning with consistency and precision. We promise your custom vinyl decal’s appearance will be as smooth as your Installed Graphics experience! Contact Installed Graphics to get the job done right the first time! Give us a call today at 314-872-3100 or email us at




Effective Trade Show Displays Tips: Stand Out On Expo Floor

Trade shows are a fantastic place to generate leads and find prospects. However, competition is stiff considering your sharing the floor with potentially hundreds of similar businesses all vying for the same consumer attention. You need to have a trade show displays to get noticed.

Our custom trade show displays are a surefire way to help your company break out of the ordinary at your next event.

Here’s our top tips for an extraordinary, effective trade show exhibit:

  • Trade show displays should stop traffic. A creative professional trade show display should attract attention to the point that people will stop to take it all in and ask questions.
  • Whitespace is a good thing. It improves readability and gives the display an overall professional look and feel. You only have three seconds to grab the consumers’ attention before they move on to the next. White space actually works to break up the clutter and provides a refreshing, clean dimension to your display.
  • Colors that contrast. Use colors that contrast each other while incorporating your brand and logos. Contrasting colors are easier to read. It’s also important to utilize your brand colors and logo throughout your display design. This works to create brand recognition among trade show attendees.
  • Skip the decorative fonts. It’s tempting to use a unique, detailed font to stand out, but it will actually work against you; majorly hindering the trade show exhibits readability. Unusual fonts can also appear unprofessional.
  • High-quality images. You’ll want your custom trade show display to feature beautiful, sharp-looking images. Since the images will be printed in large format, it’s imperative that they are high quality and high resolution for the best possible results. If not, you could end up with fuzzy and blurred images that won’t convey the outstanding, professional business you represent.
    These striking images should work to tell your company’s story and help your audience to feel a connection with your brand. Keep your brand’s story in mind when selecting the images for your design.
  • High-quality materials. Utilizing the best materials will create a better-looking trade show exhibit overall. The graphics will appear more pristine. The display will look solid and professional, which is exactly what you want to reflect on your business.
  • Avoid clutter. Trade shows can feature hundreds of booths and produce thousands of attendees. Consider the layout and flow of your display to best attract potential consumers and move them through your exhibit. You’ll want to avoid clutter. It’s uninviting and only adds to the chaos. Your trade show display should appear informative and in control.

Contact us for a quote on your trade show graphics.

Trade Show Exhibits: Secure A Strategic Location

Location, location, location. It’s the top rule in real estate and it rings true for trade shows, too. Increase maximum exposure of trade show exhibits by securing a spot in a high traffic area versus tucked away in the very back corner of a massive convention center.

If this placement proves to be too expensive, you might consider sharing the exhibit space with another business and splitting the cost. Some of the prime trade show locations include spots close to the concession area, restrooms or at the end of the rows which are exposed to tons of passersby.

Secure a strategic location for your trade show display
1. High traffic areas
2. Close to concession stands or bathrooms – always a crowd there
3. End of rows

Installed Graphics Creates And Installs Custom Trade Show Displays

Installed Graphics are professionals in creating and installing custom trade show displays. We employ experienced 3M Preferred installers that provide top of the line service. We are proud of our reputation nationwide for creating and installing unique, custom trade show displays.

Stand out from the sea of business booths by contacting Installed Graphics for your next custom trade show exhibit and installation. Call 314-872-3100 or email us at


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