Month: December 2017

Why Building Wraps Are the New Trend in Marketing

Stop traffic, turn heads and get people talking about your business, products or event. Building wraps enable you to turn your plain brick and mortar into a striking, vibrant and powerful advertising tool! They are the innovative, newer generation of billboards. These can’t-miss, larger-than-life wraps create a BIG first impression.

Companies are always looking for new forms of marketing to give them an edge. Wraps for buildings are one of the newest and highly successful marketing trends. Bigger truly is better! The stories-tall graphics are unexpected and demand attention. Using powerful images and bold colors ensures your business will stand out from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Building graphics guarantee your brand, services and events get noticed. If there’s ever a place where a business has to work extra hard to stand out, it’s Las Vegas. With so many sights, sounds and attractions, businesses have to up the ante to gain attention. That’s why many Las Vegas casinos use casino wraps and banners to advertise their shows and boxing events. They’re perfect for creating excitement around an event. A building wrap allows you to cast a wide net and capture new business. A powerful graphic promoting your event can generate interest and increase ticket sales.

Graphic wraps are great for targeting audiences where they live, work or go for entertainment. Plus, thanks to their enormous size, they can be seen from quite a long distance. Learn more about our banner graphics and sign installation services.

Businesses That Use Building Banners for Advertising and Marketing

 Building banners and wraps can be used on many different types of businesses. Show potential customers that your business is innovative and thinks outside of the box (or in this case, your four walls).

Here are just a few examples of how building banners can be used:

      • Casino Banners – Use casino banners for advertising and promoting events such as shows, boxing and other forms of entertainment.
      • Retail Banners – Hanging retail banners on a shopping center or mall entices customers to visit your store and make a purchase. Promote your clothing apparel, perfume, accessories, housewares, etc.
      • Apartment Banners & Other Retail Banner Spaces – Apartment banners are an excellent way to show off living spaces and fill vacancies.
      • Food Industry Banners – Make mouths water with a beautifully-plated steak to get people racing inside your restaurant.
      • Automotive Banners For Dealers – Feature vehicles, advertise deals and promote low interest payments.
      • Sporting Banners For Events – Feature upcoming sporting events to increase ticket sales.
      • Convention Center Banners – Share information about upcoming events, such as trade shows, concerts, and conferences to boost attendance.

Custom Large Format Banners for Any Event

Custom large format banners can be used for any type of event, from celebrations to sales. Make a big (literally) and lasting impression. Customizing the size and shape of the wrap can add a remarkable impact to an already impressive marketing piece. Get a free quote on custom banners and graphics.

Building Wrap Printing and Installation

 Installed Graphics offers design, building wrap printing and installation. We will work with you to create the perfect  wrap that boldly publicizes your company, event or product. By offering all of these services, we can personally ensure that your promotion will go smoothly from start to finish.

Banners and wraps can be used on different surfaces, such as brick, concrete, cinder-block and wood. Installed Graphics is proud to offer high-quality building wrap printing and installation. Our experts will install your signage with precision to establish a professional looking appearance that lasts. Contact Installed Graphics for all your building wrap printing and installation needs.



Why Event Banners Are Great Marketing Tools That Attract Attention

Companies have found out that using event banners provides an increased success rate. These large custom banners help attract attention and boldly display your event information.

Well-designed banners make a huge impact and clearly deliver your organization’s message. Improve your brand’s visibility to target new and existing customers while also increasing brand recognition. Event banners are one of the most successful forms of outdoor promotions. Outdoor banners are an easy way to make a big impression at little cost.

Event Banner Printing Advantages

 Banner printing offers a versatile approach to cost-effective advertising. They can be used indoors or outdoors. The durable, fade-resistant design is made to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it while maintaining a professional look for indoor use, too. Creating a custom vinyl banner allows you to feature everything from images, messages, logos, texts, or anything else your marketing team can dream up. These banners provide endless options at an affordable price.

Types of Events That Use Vinyl Banners

 Because of their affordability combined with versatility, vinyl banners can be used for a wide range of events: big or small, professional or casual, indoors or out. Here are just some of the uses for a custom event banner:

  • Conventions – Use the banner to stir interest and promote the keynote presentation to ensure it’s well-attended.
  • Farmers Market – Notify the community of dates and times to get their fresh produce and homemade items. Feature new booths or activities to garner more interest.
  • Fundraising Event – The more attendees at your event, the more funds raised! Spread the word about your next fundraiser with a well-placed custom banner to help generate more donations.
  • Trade Shows – Trade shows make for stiff competition. Stand out from all the other booths by featuring your business or product’s benefits on an eye-catching banner.
  • Sports Teams or Events – Durable vinyl banners are great for cheering on sports or academic teams. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, show your team spirit with a professionally designed banner featuring your school, college, university or professional sports or academic team!

Nonprofit Banners Tell Your Story and Generate Donations

Requesting donations is no easy task. However, you can share your nonprofit foundation’s story and reach a sizeable audience quickly and affordably by placing it on a large vinyl banner. Use images and emotions to intrigue your viewers and tell the story that words simply can’t. Share your organization’s mission and place a call-to-action, such as, “Help now by calling 1-800-555-5000!” Nonprofit banners are an excellent way to appeal to your audience and raise funds for a good cause.

Banner Installation That Grabs Attention

Professional banner installation is just as important as the banner design and placement. If not installed properly, the custom banner can appear sloppy or unreadable if sagging or falling down. You want to grab attention, share your message and make a great first impression. Installed Graphics’ professionally-trained team are experts at banner installation. Our 3M Preferred installers ensure that your indoor and outdoor banners are secured correctly and will endure all weather conditions.

When you use Installed Graphics for your banner installation, your banners will remain as professional and polished as your business. Our installation experts guarantee secure, long-lasting banners that will repeatedly make a positive impact. Get your banner installation quote today!

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