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Car Wraps: What Makes A Great Wrap?

What makes great car wraps? A car wrap calls attention to your business so you want to use the best automotive wrap installation techniques. While it might seem that all car wraps are created equally, there are multiple factors that go into designing a great car wrap. One company might be looking to install a car wrap on compact cars while another business might want vehicle wraps placed on trucks or vans. An experienced automotive wrap installation company takes the size and shape of a vehicle into account instead of trying to create “one size fits all” graphics. A great wrap is designed to meet your specifications and not to make the installation easy for the vehicle wrap company.

Quality Vehicle Wraps Need Professional Experience

In order to get the highest quality vehicle wraps, the company you choose needs to have the necessary experience to handle the task. Here are some of the skills needed to create a quality vehicle wrap:

  • Vehicle Wraps Design Skill Vehicle wraps design skill is important it must be pleasing to the eye, and not too busy, is vital to the car wrap process. A skilled graphic designer listens to your requests and makes sure the final design turns your idea into reality. Skilled graphic designers are able to create eye-catching vehicle wraps.
  • Vinyl Wrap Materials A vehicle wrap is an important investment for your company. It promotes your business name and services to the public so the vinyl wrap materials used for the wrap need to be able to handle any kind of weather as well as debris from the road.
  • Professional Car Wrap Installation – A professional car wrap installation consists of proper pre-installation preparation of the vehicle. Expert vehicle wrap installers will avoid overstretching, peeling edges, bubbling, bad trimming, creased edges and more.
  • Custom Vehicle WrapsAs mentioned above, custom vehicle wraps must be made to fit your needs and not be a generic design for any vehicle.

Automotive Wrap Installation Services That Turns Heads

A great wrap design and automotive wrap installation will turn heads and demands the attention of consumers. An expertly designed car wrap serves multiple functions including being a billboard for your business, a conversation starter and a branding tool for your company. A vehicle wrap can feature your phone number and website so customers know how to take the next step and contact your business once the vehicle wrap grabs their attention. Grow your business with customers from all over your local area with a vehicle wrap that is expertly designed and pleasing to the eye. Browse through our graphic installation blog for more articles on wrap design, vehicle wraps and more.

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    Vehicle Graphics & Fleet Wraps Are Bringing Brands To Life

    Branding is sometimes tricky to manage in the modern business world. You want to get your message across to the public while also making sure you get the necessary information about your company across to others in an easy to understand manner. Vehicle graphics and fleet wraps are one of the most popular methods currently being used to bring brands to life in the eyes of consumers. Installed Graphics is recognized across the country for its professional car wrap installation services. Read on to learn the top benefits of fleet wraps and why car wrap installation is the ideal solution to help your business stand out from the crowd.

    Fleet Wraps Top Benefits

    When utilizing fleet wraps to brand your company, there are multiple benefits for businesses of all sizes:

    • Exposing your brand with fleet wraps – Consumers are more likely to use your services if they are familiar with your brand. By simply driving fleet wrap covered company vehicles, you attract the attention of people each day and build brand awareness.
    • An increased authority using fleet wraps – When consumers see a vehicle branded with fleet wraps, they almost always assume you are an authority in your field. They are also likely to greatly respect your level of knowledge when they contact you about a product or service.
    • Building trust – Trusting a company is one of the single most important factors in the decision-making process for customers. When your vehicle graphics display your company information, you are showing the public that you are serious about your work and want to earn their business.

    Professional Car Wrap Installation Services

    Now that you know the benefits of custom-designed vehicle graphics, it’s time to put fleet wraps to work for your business. In St. Louis, as well as across the United States, Installed Graphics is known as a leader in the field of car wrap installation services. Our team is experienced in working with businesses of all sizes. Whether your branding message is well established, or you are a new company looking to make your presence known, our staff is here to partner with you to grow your brand message.

    Contact us at 314-872-3100 and let us bring your brand to life through vehicle graphics. Get an installation quote for your car wraps.

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