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Kopytek, Inc. announces the formation of Installed Graphics, Inc. and PRINT IT BIG!

Kopytek forms Installed Graphics and Print It Big

Kopytek, Inc. announces the formation of Installed Graphics, Inc. and new

PRINT IT BIG! Division


Installed Graphics, Inc., a division of parent company Kopytek, St. Louis, Missouri’s premier digital printing company, provides installation nationwide. We proudly provide the highest quality graphics installation available. Installed Graphics, Inc. services the retail, convenience store, fleet, and experiential industries, and operates as a separate entity, both on a wholesale and commercial level.

We are Lowen’s preferred installers, and offer installation to other printers, sign companies and franchises, as well as corporations throughout the U.S. Installed Graphics also operates an on-site installation fleet facility at two locations in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kopytek President John Peterson notes, “Our clients rely on us for quality wide format printing because of our many capabilities and our ability to deliver. It was a natural extension of our business to provide the highest quality graphics installation available.”

We are also proud to announce that Kopytek, Inc. has added a new division, Print it Big!, to better serve the growing wide format market, both regionally and nationally. Coupled with Kopytek’s printing assets, Print it Big! has made an additional $2,000,000 investment in the wide format market segment, which encompasses rigid board and synthetic materials, as well as flexible vinyl for wall, vehicle and window applications.

Our customers’ need for wide format printing in their packaging, sales and marketing efforts was recognized. Print it Big! has partnered with leading manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard, Fuji, and Veritiv to bring the highest quality equipment and substrates currently available to the St. Louis marketplace and surrounding region to accommodate those needs. This means our clients will be able to produce large, durable, high quality visuals with digital, personalized color to help promote their branding.

As Peterson stated, “Printing has moved far beyond paper and ink and has come to mean any visual on any substrate.”

That’s why we are so excited to bring this high-end service to our growing list of clients. Print it Big! enables our customers to create flawless prints on 5’x10’ boards up to 2” thick, and flexible material, including vinyl, fabric, magnetics and styrene up to 10’ wide and 600’ long.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best equipment, marketing and service.

For more information about Kopytek, Installed Graphics, Inc. or Print It Big!, visit us online at:,

How Effective Is Using Vehicle Wraps For Advertising Your Business?

Fleet Vehicle Wrap Effectiveness

Just how effective is using vehicle wraps for advertising your business? You could have the potential to advertise to thousands of consumers just by performing the simple task of driving down the road. Vinyl vehicle wraps make it possible for everyone to see your brand and learn about your business. In fact, 47 percent of 18-34-year-olds, also known as millennials, easily remembered custom vehicle wraps with businesses and their brands, according to Cox Communications.

Vehicle wraps are one of the cheapest forms of advertising and effortlessly places your brand in front of numerous potential customers. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) states that more than 95 percent of Americans are reached by media targeted vehicle drivers and passengers. Need more proof? By car wrapping just one vehicle, it’s estimated that the vehicle wrap will get 30,000-80,0000 impressions per day. If you had a fleet of five vehicle-wrapped cars on the road, you would have the ability to attain more than 150,000-400,000 impressions per day.

Is Advertising On Vehicles Cheaper Than Traditional Advertising?

Advertising on vehicles is cheaper than any traditional advertising. Business owners might assume that reaching thousands of consumers while putting forth so little effort would be costly. Arbitron Inc., a consumer research company, analyzed the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for traditional advertising methods, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and outdoor signage compared to advertising on vehicles. Here are the results:

1. Television advertisements cost $23.70 CPM
2. Advertising with a magazine cost is $21.46 CPM
3. Advertising in a newspaper cost is $19.70 CPM
4. Outdoor signage advertising cost is $3.56 CPM
5. Radio Advertising cost is $7.75 CPM
6. Advertising on vehicles with an auto wrap cost $0.35 CPM

At $0.35 cost per thousand impressions, advertising on vehicles is the most affordable option. Companies are getting away from traditional advertising methods in favor of new, innovative and experiential advertising options that are more successful at breaking through the visual clutter. Get started now and contact us.

Maximize Your Rate Of Return On Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Discover how to maximize your rate of return on vehicle wrap advertising. The ultimate goal of any advertisement, apart from getting your company’s name out there, is increasing sales. You want the vehicle wrap to catch your audience’s eye while also performing effectively. Below we share some ideas to ensure a successful auto wrap advertisement:

  • Your car wrap should be easy to read. Whether the vehicle is on the highway, in a parking lot or sitting in a traffic jam, it’s imperative that the vehicle wrap advertising is clear and concise. Since they are often viewed while on the road or from a distance, the design and text should be easy to see and read quickly. The worst thing to do is cram too many design elements and text making it too difficult to read. Here are some extra tips to improve your wrap’s readability:
    • Make sure your phone number and the text are large enough to see from a distance.
    • Don’t use a typeface or font that is hard to read. Select a simple text without too much detail.
    • Use contrasting colors that are easy to see from a distance.
    • Plenty of time is spent sitting in traffic jams and at stoplights. Make the most of it by advertising on the back of the vehicle to reach drivers sitting behind you.
    • Providing information about your business is beneficial, but the ultimate advertising goal is to create consumer engagement. Your graphic should include a call-to-action phrase to motivate the customer to call, visit, schedule an appointment or make a purchase. Some phrases to use are:
      • Call us!
      • Visit our website.
      • Come to our location
      • Sign up today!
      • Follow us on social media!

Track your vehicle wrap ROI.  As a business owner, you are always looking at the bottom line. The same applies to your advertising dollars—you want to ensure it was money well spent. You can track your progress a couple of different ways. You can use a separate 1-800 phone number used only on the vehicle wrap. This will help you record how many calls were generated from the wrap. You could also create a new landing page on your website, placing the new URL on the graphic. Then you could monitor how many visitors that URL received with Google Analytics.

Tracking the success of your auto wrap while enticing your customers by listing a special discount lets everybody win. Provide a special promotion only shared on your vehicle wrap. Take advantage of the increased sales and track how many times that discount was used. Verbiage for the special promotion could include:

  • Mention where you saw this vehicle and SAVE! (This also adds a geographical tracking element)
  • Save 10% by using this code!
  • Receive a complimentary gift by scheduling an appointment with us!

• Finally, tell consumers how your service can make their lives easier and solve their problems. For instance, if you provide 24/7 service, make sure to mention that on your auto wrap, especially if your competitors don’t provide the same working hours. Companies that provide remote auto or pick-up and delivery services should feature that information on their vehicle, solving a problem for consumers without means of transportation.

It’s important to tell your audience what sets your business apart. If you guarantee the same or next day service, share that with them. Adding a personal touch is another great way to help you stand out. Personalize your business. Put a face on your business (literally) by adding an image of the business owner or driver to the wrap to make it even more memorable.

If you’re ready to utilize an attention-grabbing, cost-effective vehicle wrap for your car, truck, van or fleet, please call us at 314-872-3100 or email us.

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