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Fleet Wraps Are Crucial For Building Your Brand

One of the most crucial aspects of marketing a business is building your brand. Having an established and recognizable brand can make your business top of mind in your business sector. Fleet wraps present an opportunity for mobile advertising utilizing a custom vinyl wrap on your vehicle. Fleet wrap installation increases brand awareness and turns heads on the road. A custom designed and professionally installed fleet wrap is an opportunity to market your company 24/7. An eye-catching custom vinyl wrap will get the attention of consumers on the road and increase their awareness of your company which provides marketing benefits that extend beyond the length of their commute to work or school. Get a quote on custom fleet wraps for your company vehicles.

Custom Vinyl Wraps Have Powerful Benefits In Marketing

There are multiple marketing benefits to using custom vinyl wraps:

  • Fleet wraps allow you to market to multiple audiences each day. Unlike a traditional billboard, a vehicle with a fleet wrap can drive to different areas of town so your message is seen by a wider audience.
  • Fleet wrap installation helps to build the reputation of your brand. As other drivers see your logo and branding message on a daily basis, your reputation as a well-known and professional company will grow.
  • Custom vinyl wraps save you marketing money in the long run. Once the fleet wrap is placed on the vehicle, it remains there permanently unlike a billboard which is only seen during the time of the advertising campaign.
  • Custom fleet wraps can deliver important information such as your phone number, marketing slogan and social media platforms.

Fleet Wrap Installation By Nationally Recognized Installers

Fleet wrap installation is more than simply placing magnets or stickers on the side of a business vehicle. Custom vinyl wraps must be carefully created in order to contour the body of the vehicle. The design process needs to account for items such as mirrors and door handles when being installed on the vehicle. Our expert team of designers and installers will meet with you to discuss your branding goals and then work on bringing your marketing vision to life.

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    5 Reasons Why Your Competitors Invested In Vehicle Wraps

    Vehicle wraps are visible no matter where you drive on the road. Many of your competitors have invested in vinyl wrap installation on their fleet of vehicles and are seeing the benefits of commercial vehicle wraps. If you are not sure about having one installed on your vehicle, here are 5 reasons your competitors invested in vehicle wraps:

    1. Vehicle wraps & graphics increase your visibility – Vehicle wraps and graphics advertise your business 365 days a year. Drivers and pedestrians see your message whether you are driving or the vehicle is parked.
    2. Automotive wraps are a long lasting investment – Unlike a billboard or radio ad, a commercial automotive wrap is a one-time investment in advertising your company.
    3. Visual Upgrade – A car wrap covers rust or damage and refreshes the appearance of the vehicle.
    4. Advertise in Multiple Locations -Automotive graphics and wraps are advertising on wheels and can deliver your message to customers in different parts of town each day.
    5. It’s like an additional salesperson – Automotive wraps advertise your company and you don’t have to pay commission to the vehicle!

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    How Commercial Vehicle Wraps Rev Up Your Marketing Strategy

    Commercial vehicle wraps are an important part of your marketing strategy:

    • Commercial Vehicle Wraps Offer Brand consistency – Commercial vehicle wraps unify your marketing look by incorporating the same branding elements as your other marketing materials.
    • Local targeting – Driving a wrapped vehicle in your local service area increases the awareness of your business among those who work or live in the area as well as those attending an event in the service area.
    • Non-Aggressive Advertising – Unlike a radio ad that interrupt the attention of a person, customers can spot your marketing message without being distracted from the task they are currently performing.

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    Professional Vinyl Wrap Installation

    Professional vinyl wrap installation is more than deciding to put a logo or other words on a vehicle. The design of a car wrap needs to be eye-catching and memorable while not being so busy that the marketing message is lost on a customer. Plus, the automotive wrap must be created with the specific vehicle in mind which means it needs to be designed to properly contour the vehicle body including such items as the door handles and bumpers. Our experienced design and installation team can walk you through the process and make your marketing campaign come to life.

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