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Commercial Vehicle Wraps: Do They Wrap The Roof?

Commercial vehicle wraps are a 24/7 billboard for a business. They deliver a brand message whether the automotive wrap on fleet vehicles are being seen on the road or if it is sitting in the parking lot of a business. In addition, van wraps can cover part of a vehicle or the entire automobile. Because there are so many options when it comes to commercial vehicle wraps, many questions come to mind when a commercial wrap is being designed. The design team will work with the business to decide how much information should be included on the commercial wrap and what colors will be used in the design. In addition, there is one more big question that needs to be answered:

Does the roof need to be wrapped?

Automotive Wraps For Small & Medium Vehicles Wrap The Roof

If automotive wraps are for small or medium-sized vehicles, then wrap the roof. When it comes to wrapping a roof, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Will the commercial vehicle look odd if the roof is not wrapped? Thankfully, as discussed below, there are concrete answers to this question.
  • If the company vehicle is a tall vehicle, the answer to the above question is usually “NO”. The roof is not easily seen on a taller vehicle so there is normally no need to wrap the area. Instead, companies can use the area that is seen by customers. Designing a vinyl wrap to utilize the visible surface makes maximum use of the branding potential of the vehicle.
  • If commercial vehicles are a small or midsize vehicle, the answer is likely “YES”.  A commercial vehicle where the top is seen needs the roof wrapped because it would look out of place for the color of the vehicle to be different from the wrap color.

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Van Wraps & Large Vehicles You Don’t See The Roof

Van wraps and large vehicles don’t always mix because of the simple fact that consumers will likely not see the top of the roof. One of the ways businesses can maximize their investment in an automotive wrap is not having the vinyl wrap placed on the portion of the vehicle that is not easily seen by customers. Besides aiding with the overall wrap design of the large vehicle wraps, it also saves money since the cost is reduced by not wrapping the roof. This is money that can be spent on custom wrap graphics or other marketing efforts by the business.

Professional Fleet Vehicle Wraps & Installation In St. Louis

Installed Graphics offers professional fleet vehicle wraps and installation in St. Louis and the contiguous U.S. states.  Our graphic designers will create impressive vehicle wraps that will get your company noticed. If you need help determining if your fleet vehicles need a wrapped roof, contact our expert design team at 314-872-3100.

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    Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Are Eye Candy For Your Business

    No matter what type of business you run on a daily basis, all business owners want their company to be noticed. Vehicle wraps & graphics that are professionally designed and installed are eye candy for your business. Vinyl vehicle graphics catch the attention of other drivers on the road and help make your business top of mind for your business sector. Vehicle wraps and graphics will deliver your branding message as well as share other important information with consumers such as your phone number, web address and social media platforms. In addition, these rolling vehicle billboards can utilize colorful designs and compelling graphics that have both an immediate and long-lasting impact on consumer buying decisions.

    Vehicle Graphic Designs That Get Noticed

    Getting noticed is important in branding and the best way to get noticed is with eye-catching vehicle graphic designs installed on your vehicle.

    Vehicle graphic design ideas that get you noticed include:

    • Vehicle wraps can cover an entire vehicle which means they can be big and bold in order to stand out. Larger than life graphics grab attention and make people remember you. This doesn’t mean the design should be overcrowded as too much information cannot be processed easily while driving.
    • Effective vehicle designs should be colorful and dynamic while also being simple in design. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter and busy backgrounds that can distract from your message.
    • Vehicle wrap designs with a branding message that is memorable and immediate in nature get attention. There is not a lot of time to grab the attention of customers so your message needs to get to the point.

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    Vehicle Wrap Installers In St. Louis & Nationally

    The first step in installing a vehicle wrap is finding a company with experience in providing superior results. Our professional design and vehicle wrap installation team will take photos of your vehicle from all sides and angles to gather key measurements for creating the vehicle graphics. Plus, we will sit down with you to discuss your design ideas. Knowing what you do and don’t want is key to providing the vinyl graphics you desire. While it is tempting to take an idea and run with it, communication and agreeing on the design makes sure your vision is properly executed when it comes time to create the vehicle wrap.

    If you’re ready to create some memorable eye candy on your fleet vehicles, give us a call at 314-872-3100.

    Call Us for More Information at 314-872-3100


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