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How to Maximize Sales with C-store Graphics

Forget about cash–convenience is king these days! From online shopping with two-day shipping to grocery store delivery, consumers are trending towards shopping solutions that are fast, easy and accommodating. Fortunately, convenience stores also referred to as c-stores, fit into this trend by providing, well, convenience. Close parking and only having to navigate a few aisles that carry the essentials allows shoppers to find what they need and make their purchases quickly. C-store graphics will guide shoppers to find what they need.

C-store owners should take advantage of their consumers’ full attention while in their store with custom retail graphics to maximize their sales. C-Store graphics work to entice customers into buying your merchandise. Selecting custom signage that speaks directly to the consumer helps bring your brand to life. Prominently displaying retail graphics can also make it easier for the shopper to find what they need without having to ask the busy store clerk for help. Use custom c-store graphics to call attention to merchandise that otherwise might have gone unnoticed and persuade the consumer to make a purchase.

Reach even more potential customers with c-store window graphics. Beckon them to enter the store by featuring a product or promotion inside that’s too good to miss. A popular practice is to use bundling deals in your c-store graphic to drive sales. This sales move consists of pairing less profitable items with more popular ones so that the consumer must buy both. Use the retail sign’s design to convince the consumer why they need the product by listing the features, advantages and/or benefits they’ll receive when they make the purchase.

Another excellent marketing move is to change your convenience store graphics frequently. Update your marketing calendar with any upcoming holidays or events that pair well with your products. Use these opportunities to design and plan your retail graphics throughout the year.

Change convenience store graphics frequently and in accordance with your marketing calendar. By switching out the graphics regularly you’re more likely to reach new and potential customers and garner more interest.

Changing out your c-store graphics decals regularly also prevents boredom. It will keep graphics from looking weathered and old, which could reflect poorly on your business. Also, consider prime placement for your c-store graphics. Use convenience store floor graphics in high traffic areas to lead customers directly to your merchandise.

Types Of C-Store Graphics

There are many different types of c-store graphics here are just a few:

  • Retail Display Graphics
  • POP Signage (Point of Purchase)
  • POS Signage (Point of Sale)
  • C-Store Banner Graphics
  • C-Store Wall Graphics
  • C-Store Window Graphics
  • C-Store Floor Graphics

Installed Graphics will design, print and install graphics. Contact us for more information.

Creative Convenience Store Graphics in Point-Of-Purchase Displays

 Strategic and creative convenience store graphics make a large impact and boost your point-of-purchase displays. Take advantage of these powerful advertising tools to increase your sales. These point-of-purchase displays can also influence the customer to make an impulse buy. In the U.S., about five out of six shoppers admit to impulse buys, according to a recent poll (

Create captivating convenience store graphics to halt foot traffic and attract attention in a typically fast-paced environment. Use bright colors to catch the consumer’s eye, but also complement your branding.

Convenience Store Graphic Sign Installation

Installed Graphics offers professional retail and convenience store graphic sign installation. Our professional sign installers maintain the highest standards to ensure your retail signage will be installed right the first time with consistency and precision. Make a great first impression and lasting impact on customers. Get your sign installation quote today!

LED Backlit Signs: Critical Tips You Should Know About

Make a shining impression with an LED backlit sign. These signs consist of a large format graphic illuminated from behind with LED lights. There’s a reason Emmy’s are handed out for lighting design. Lighting plays a major role in visibility and setting the mood. Much thought and care is also required when designing a custom LED backlit display.

While these signs are certainly head-turning at night, the high-quality images and vibrant graphics can effectively turn heads during the day, too. Improve your company’s visibility and stick in consumers’ minds with a backlit display. They are great for:

      1. Promoting products. Put the spotlight on your products with full-color, striking imagery.
      2. Events. Generate excitement for your next event with a well-lit, unique design promoting your upcoming event.
      3. Helps your company get noticed at trade shows. Make your business stand out from the rows and rows of trade show booth displays with backlit signage. Using a brightly-lit sign shows that your company thinks outside of the (light) box!
      4. Branding your company. Reinforce your branding and improve brand recognition by keeping your colors, design and messaging consistent with your business’ existing brand.

Want to get the most out of your LED backlit sign? Read the following critical tips to learn more!


LED Signs & Tips

LED signs will most certainly get your company noticed, but get even more bang for your marketing buck by following these crucial tips:

    • Consider where the LED signs will be placed. A sign displayed in a room with low light will require different lighting than one that is more brightly lit. The same is true of a sign displayed indoor versus out. Make sure to choose the appropriate amount of light for best viewing.
    • Distance from the graphic. Lights placed closer to the graphic film will glow brighter as opposed to being placed further away, which provides a softer all over glow. This will also be dependent on the depth of your sign cabinet.
    • The lighting spacing. Determine the spacing of LED lights to provide more consistent, even lighting and the level of brightness.
    • Color of LEDs makes a difference on your LED graphic. When designing your sign you can choose between the color temperatures; warm white or cool white. Your selection depends on the mood you’re trying to evoke. Cool white provides a brighter, bluish-toned color. Warm white provides a more soft, yellowish color. Whatever you do, don’t use neon in a corporate office. The light is too harsh for an office space. Instead, opt for elegant box lighting.
    • Angle it will be viewed. Put yourself in your audience’ shoes and check out the angle from which the backlit sign will be viewed before installation.
    • Ambient light. Light boxes provide soft, ambient light as opposed to glaring, severe neon or fluorescent lighting.
    • Avoid hot spots. There should be ample space between the graphic and the LED lights to avoid overly-bright areas, known as hot spots. Too close proximity and cheap graphic materials hamper the overall lighting consistency. Always use quality sign acrylics and translucent vinyl to avoid this problem.
    • Shallow cabinets require an LED with a wider viewing angle. This will provide a better image when viewed from different angles.
    • Light should be even throughout centers and edges. Doing so provides the best overall viewing quality.
    • Appropriate power supply. If overpowered, the LEDs will burn out. If underpowered, the power supply will burn out.

Learn more about our experiential graphic design.

LED Backlit Graphic Signs Advantages 

Custom LED backlit displays are durable and versatile. They are a great option for promoting your company and reinforcing your marketing efforts. Add large banner signs to get your business noticed.

Here’s 10 advantages to using an LED backlit display to promote your business:

    1. Visibility 24 hours a day, especially at night when you need it the most.
    2. LED backlit graphic signs stand out better (and look better) than fluorescent signage.
    3. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
    4. Perfect for product promotions.
    5. Easy to read from a distance.
    6. Vivid colors that entice people to look.
    7. Graphics can be changed out regularly, but are also durable enough to remain the same.
    8. Promotes and brands your company.
    9. Assists your marketing strategy.
    10. Energy-efficient, requiring lower voltage.

Custom Graphic Designs and LED Sign Installation

Installed Graphics offers professional graphic design and LED sign installation. Our professional graphic designers can create a design that will make your business stand out. They have vast experience working with custom graphics for LED signs.

Our LED sign installers have obtained all the required licensing and permits so Installation is completed correctly and professionally every time. Our installation experts are trained to work safely when encountering potentially dangerous electrical wiring when installing LED signs.

Get a LED sign installation quote for your custom graphic designs and LED sign installation to get the job done right. We offer professional LED sign services for all your needs.


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