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Fleet Wraps Take Advertising To The Road

Fleet Wraps Take Advertising To The Road

In the past, billboards and bus ads were dominant forms of advertising to drivers on the road. These days, fleet wraps are growing in popularity thanks to their use as a mobile advertising medium. Vehicle wraps spotlight the name of your company as well as other important information such as your contact info, logo and advertising message. Fleet graphics also brand your business to the public thanks to eye-catching graphics that feature the same color and font on each vehicle so they stand out and are memorable to the public. Plus, fleet wraps on company vehicles are able to travel to multiple locations on a daily basis. This means more eyes see your company info on a daily basis as opposed to a traditional billboard that stays in one location at all times.

Why Business Vehicle Wraps?

If you are curious about the benefits of fleet wraps, here are some answers to the question: ”Why business vehicle wraps?”

  • Vehicle wraps update the appearance of older vehicles. It makes them look newer thanks to colorful graphics
  • Vehicle wraps and graphics give businesses a more professional.  Thanks to the matching graphics placed on multiple fleet vehicles.
  • Vehicle graphics are easy to update. Unlike painted or airbrushed visuals on a company vehicle, graphics placed with vinyl wrapping are easier to update to reflect new products or contact information.
  • Business vehicle wraps stand out. It’s hard to miss a great wrap due to dramatic graphics that make your fleet stand out on the road.
  • Vehicle wraps are easy to install. It protects the original paint color of the vehicle.

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Fleet Graphics & Wraps In St. Louis

Fleet graphics and wraps grab attention and advertise businesses to consumers all across the St. Louis area. A growing number of companies are turning to business vehicle wraps as a major component of their advertising plans for 2019. Our experienced design and installation team will meet with you to discuss your overall goals for the fleet wraps and work with you on designing graphics that brand your business and also market your products and services. Fleet wraps are a 24/7 marketing tool that brands your company on the road as well as when the vehicles are parked in your company parking lot.

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    St. Louis Car Wraps Designed To Make Your Brand Stand Out

    St. Louis Car Wraps Designed To Make Your Brand Stand Out

    Businesses are always looking to expand their brand and become top of mind to consumers. St. Louis car wraps are designed to get the attention of customers viewing vehicle wraps while they are on the road. Drivers spend a lot of time in their cars looking at signs, billboards and other vehicles. Car wraps make your brand stand out from the billboards and bus ads competing for the attention of drivers. Expert vehicle wrap installation services design and place car wraps on vehicles of any size or shape. St. Louis car wraps market your services and brand your business by showing potential customers your company name, logo and other important information that makes you top of mind to consumers. Learn more about vehicle graphics and fleet wraps installation.

    Vehicle Wraps Reinforce Brand Identity

    Vehicle wraps reinforce your company brand identity in multiple ways:

    • Vehicle wraps create a level of consistency among your fleet of vehicles. The vehicle wrap installation process ensures each vehicle features the same info such as the company name, logo and tagline as well as uniform fonts and colors that brand your business.
    • Drivers have a limited amount of time to view your message. St. Louis car wraps require information that is concise while still communicating your message to others and generating brand recall. Make sure the font size can be read from a distance so drivers can view your logo, product info and call to action.
    • Less is more when designing a vehicle wrap. Keep the services you are known for front and center with graphics that match your brand identity while capturing the attention of customers so they remember you.

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    Professional Vehicle Wrap Installation

    Professional vehicle wrap installation takes the entire vehicle into account when designing a St. Louis car wrap. Vehicle wraps are designed so important information is not obscured to consumers or cut off by a side mirror or a door handle. Our expert design and installation team works with you so the colors and font used in the design match your brand identity and prompt consumers to recall your company name and services when they spot the car wrap from a distance or when they are viewing it up close in traffic. Vehicle wraps make your brand stand out whether the fleet vehicle is on the highway or it is parked in front of your business.

    Get ready to stand out from the crowd when you contact our team about branding your company with St. Louis car wraps.

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